Friday, September 30, 2011


(Ray Stedman) There never was a day in which people were bombarded  with so many words, so much literature, so much spouting of words through the media, and yet so much of it is thoroughly empty, unsatisfying, and misleading in the extreme

(David Roper) Enjoy your journey to maturity as you gain perspective on the past and hope for the future. Make the most of every moment of life

(Roper)  There are many things I've forgotten, but right now I can't remember what they are

( John Greenleaf Whittier) Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are those " it might have been "

( Dave Roper) I once asked a friend who had been cruelly abused how he dealt with his grievances. He replied, " I've got a good forgetter"

(Roper) How can we forget the bitterness of our past? By seeing God's providence in every event of our lives, even in our mistakes and in others malice

(Roper) God's eternal goal is to bring us to the place where all that we have  and all that we desire is God

(Roper) Those who are unwilling to do God's will  will have no knowledge of God's ways

( Czeslaw Milosz )  High notions of oneself are annhilated by a glance in the mirror

( Dave Ropers ) Quoting a friend:" A little powder, a little paint, makes a girl seem what she ain't "

(Roper) If we would but see ourselves today as we shall be then, we would be left speechless in awe and wonder

(Roper) What I hold in my mind will, in time, show upon my face

(Roper)  If only I could live my life over again, we say, I would do better. Not likely

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