Thursday, September 29, 2011


(Ray Stedman) If you try to live your life without recognizing God, ultimately you will find yourself empty,dissatisfied, and restless

(StedmanO God has appointed a time when He will bring to light all the hidden things and straighten them out

(Stedman) People really do not want things. They want to be admired for the things they have. The drive to be admired is the true objective of many lives

(Ray Stedman) God is in charge of life, so let Him be in charge

(Stedman) There is no way we can understand the complexity and depth of struggles many are going through

(Stedman) God see all of life from beginning to end

(Stedman) God is a realist. He never plays games with us. He sees things the way they really are and He tells us the way they are

(Stedman)  For many successful people, having arrived at where they always wanted to be, and having everything they always wanted to have, they do  not want anything they've got and, at last, they must give it all up. A person can have abundance of possessions-- all that money can buy-- and yet lack the power to enjoy them. They are trying desparately to enjoy those things, yet their faces have a hollowness about them. Their eyes betray an emptiness inside. Enjoyment cannot be found by effort, by cleverness, nor by the pursuit of pleasure. It must be taken as a gift from God's hand

Some people live only in the past

( C S Lewis ) To argue with God is to argue with the very Power that makes it possible to argue at all

( Stedman)  There is one person in this world you do not know--- it is you. You do not understand yourself

(Stedman) One of the greatest follies of life is to try to imitate somebody else. If you succeed in that, you'll be nothing but a cheap imitation of another person

( Stedman) Death is wholly with God's hands. No man has the power to recall the spirit when God calls it home. A funeral does not permit us to escape ultimate reality. A funeral is proof that we are not in control of our own lives

( Stedman) Buried in honorable graves and remembered as great leaders are many wretches who were wicked and violent men

(Stedman) We must learn to live with mystery. We are not smart enough, we do not see enough, and we do not understand enough. The full meaning of the present experiences of life will never be known until death intervenes- then will come all the answers abundantly, satisfyingly, and fully

( Stedman) Popular rejection is no sign that something is wrong

(Stedman) Secular wisdom may look good and feel right but neverless it is foolish
                                                                                                                     ( Ray Stedman) Joy is learning how to delight in the moment

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