Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 The story is told of  one man asking  another at the death of a wealthy man,  I wonder how much he left behind?" to which the other man replied, " He left it all behind"

(Alexander Maclaren)   Scriptures never  blinks at the defects of its heroes. Its portraits do not smooth out wrinkles, but, with absolute fidelity, give all the faults

(Wiersbe) Solomon wrote Proverbs 19:3 and  probably believed it, but he didn't heed it


(Rom 6:23/The Message) Work hard for sin your whole life and your pension is death

(Ray Stedman on Rom chpt 1) God does not hate the people who do such things;He truly loves them--- but He will not remove either their free will nor the consequences of their actions

(Charles Stanley) How could any real believer glory in what God abhors?

(Warren Wiersbe) Christian living depends on Christian learning;duty is always founded on doctrine. If satan can keep a Christian ignorant, he can keep him impotent

(Wiersbe) Justification: righteousness imputed; sanctification: righteousness imparted

(Wiersbe) Too many Christians are " betweeners": they live between Egypt and Canaan, saved but never satisfied; or they live between Good Friday and Easter, believing in the Cross but not entering the power and glory of the Resurrection

(Wiersbe) Jesus Christ not only paid the penality for sin, He broke the power of sin

(Wiersbe) To reckon means to believe that what God says in His Word is really true in your life. Reckoning is a matter of faith that issues in action. Reckoning is both claiming a promise and acting on a fact

(Wiersbe) The Lord asks some of us to die for Him, but He asks all of us to live for Him

(William Carey)  Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God

(Wiersbe) The act that we are saved by grace does not give us an excuse to sin; but it does give us a reason to obey

(Wiersbe) Rom 6:19 suggests that the Christian ought to be as enthusiastic in yielding to the Lord as he was in yielding to sin. A friend of mine once said to me, " I want to be as good a saint as I was a sinner"

(Wiersbe) The prodigal son wanted to find himself, but he ended up losing himself. What he thought was freedom  turned out to be the worst kind of slavery

(Phillip Yancey) No Christian resurrected to new life should be pining for sin. If we truly grasped the wonder of God's love for us, we would spend our days trying to fathom and share, not exploit His grace

(The Daily Bread) God does not save us by grace so that we live in disgrace

(Ray Stedman) The first step in moral decline always begins with our desires and emotions

(C. Stanley) Everything the Lord had forbidden kings to due in Dt 17:14-20 Solomon did. Solomon- no other man ever soared so high but fell so low

(C. Stanley) Unhealthy compromise is costly, it corrupts, and it brings collapse

(Wiersbe)  Earning money is not a sin, but loving money and living just to aquire riches is a sin( I tim 6:7-10)

(Wiersbe) Someone has wisely said," it's good to have things money can buy, provided you don't lose the things money cannot buy. " The more we add to our possessions so people will admire us, the less true wealth and beauty we really have. Nobody seems to have admonished Solomon to pay more attention to making a life instead of amassing a fortune. A Roman proverb says. "riches are like saltwater- the more you drink, the more you thirst". We brought nothing into this world and we shall take nothing out( I Tim 6:7, Job 1:21,Ps 49:17)


(Joe Stowell) When lives are consumed with the preeminence, presence, and passion of Christ, personal agendas and idiosyncrasies fade into the background. Christ has a wonderful way of lifting us above and beyond our differences and calling us to an agenda so compelling that followers can't afford not to get along
In Christ, we learn that each gift needs the others to complement its weakness and magnify its strength

( Tony Evans) We may have all come over on different boats but we're all in the same boat now

(A. Rogers) When you're certain of the future, then you can concentrate on the present

(A. Rogers) There is no devil in the first two chapters and the last two chapters of the Bible

(Vance Havner) Civilization is like a chimpanze with a blow torch in a room full of dynomite

(Rom 6:10/ The Message) When Jesus died, He took sin down with Him, but alive He brings God down to us

(Romans 6:24/ The Message) Sin can't tell you how to live. After all, you're not living under that old tyranny any longer. You're living in the freedom of God

Monday, May 16, 2011


(Ray Stedman) In other words, " Do you want to debate with me Job? First, let me see your qualifications. I have a list of questions. If you can handle these questions, then perhaps you're qualified to go head-to-head with me in a debate.

(Ray Stedman) The Lord paints a vast and fully detailed picture of the complex, intricately inter-connected universe that He has created, from its most delicate and beautiful life-forms to its most awesome and terrifying forces. Clearly, only a tremendous, superhuman mind could embrace, comprehend, and direct the full range of creation in all its variety, complexity, and power. The essence of God's argument is that life is too complicated for simple answers. If you are demanding that God come up with simple answers to these deep and complicated problems, you are  asking Him to do more than you are able to understand. Therefore, we finite human beings must take the position of trusting Him, not arguing with Him. Ultimately, we must acept the fact that God does not exist for people, but people exist for God. We are God's instruments , and we exist to carry out His purposes, some of which are  so complicated and transcendent that we are hopelessly incapable of comprehending them.

( Charles Stanley) It is good to remind ourselves that the Lord is God and that we are not. He is the Creator ;we are the created. He is the Original;we are the image. He is our Friend, but absolutely not our peer

(Christopher Morley) I had a million questions to ask God; but when I met Him, they all fled  my mind and it didn't seem to matter

( Wiersbe) The answer to Job's problems were not an explanation about God, but a revelation of God

(Paul Tournier) God's answer is not an idea, a proposition, like the conclusion of a theorem; it is Himself

(Wiersbe) We prefer God to speak to us in the sunshine , but sometimes He must speak out of the storm

(Wiersbe) God's address to Job can be summarized in three questions: Can you explain my creation ?( Job 38:1-38); Can you oversee my creation ? ( 38:39-39:30) ; Can you subdue my creation? ( 40:6-41:34). Job was sure that his speeches had been filled with wisdom and knowledge, but God's questions put an end to that delusion. God didn't question Job's integrity or sincerity; He only questioned his ability to explain the ways of God in the world. Knowledge of our own ignorance is the first step toward true wisdom

( Mahatma Gandhi)  There is sufficiency in the world for man's need but not man's greed

( Statement of fact) The greatest depth measured in the world so far is in the Pacific ocean- 35,810 feet or 6.78 miles

(Wiersbe) Man may understand the heavens, but he can't control them

( The Daily Bread) He who folds the stars in space holds His people in His hands


( Sim Kay Tee) Our speech reveals what we really are

(The Daily Bread) Gossip ends at a wise man's ears

(Ray Stedman) Sexual promiscuity destroys families, wounds the emotions and the psyches of men, women, and adolescents, and tears the fabric of a society

(Ray Stedman) There is a saying, " When I try, I fail. When I trust, He succeeds. Not I. He.

(A. Rogers) If you are looking for an easy way to serve the Lord, you can forget it

(Wiersbe) " Apt to teach" implies apt to learn

(Wiersbe) We do not put faith in our faith or in our feelings because they will change and fail. We put our faith in Christ

( J. Hudson Taylor) It is not by trying to be faithful, but in looking to the Faithful One, that we win the victory

(Wiersbe) You are not running the race to please people or to get fame. You are running to please Jesus Christ

(Wiersbe) A pastor friend of mine often reminds me," The harvest is not at the end of the meeting- it is at the end of the age "

(Wiersbe) "Rightly divide" means " cutting  straight"

(Wiersbe) Much as gangrene spreads, infects, and kills other tissue, so false doctrine spreads and infects the body of believers, the church. This infection must be exposed and removed

(Wiersbe) Martin Luther once said that  prayer, study, and suffering make a pastor, and this is true. We cannot be approved unless we are tested

(Wiersbe) For God to be able to use us as a vessel, we must be empty, clean, and available

(Wiersbe) Satan makes people drunk with his lies; the servant's task is to sober them up and rescue them

(Sim Kay Tee)  The objective is not to win the argument or to demolish the opponents; but to lead them into truth and repentance

(Dennis Fisher) The next time you see the works or hear the words of a hater of God, do an attitude check. Then ask God for a spirit of humnility and pray tha the offender might come to the knowledge of the truth. Defend the truth with love

(Mart De Haan) When God doesn't seem to be " talking", it's what He has already said that He wants us to hear

(Mart De Haan) Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge to reach a desired goal

(Joe Stowell) We are often deceived onto thinking that what we have grown accustomed to is the best

( Joe Stowell) The underlying tenet of the Sermon on the Mount is that all of life must be viewed beyond the boundaries of the present world. Eternity is the benchmark by which every earthly issue is measured. Christ was aware that eternity is the real forever world, that the flat , temporary world is distorted and a deluded one. We need to learn how to live successfully by projecting the real world according to Christ into the fallen world round us. Everything Christ did and thought had eternity in view

(Joe Stowell) Deep within all of us  the desire to follow resonates. We really do want life the way it was meant to be, not the way we have made it

( Joe Stowell) Humility is the driving desire to give God the glory in all things and to obey Him regardless

(Joe Stowell) Compassion listens, contemplates life from another's point of view, knows no barriers of color or culture, and clearly seeks to bless rather than to be blessed

(Stowell) Character leaves a legacy. It is transferrable to succeeding generations

( Job 38:3/The Message) I have some questions for you and I want some staight answers

(Job 38:15/ The Message) Speak up if you have even the beginning of an answer

(Job 38:36/The Living Bible) Who gives intuition and instinct?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


(A Rogers) Someone has said that a proverb is a short sentence based  on long experience

(C. Stanley) Proverbs uses a combination of poetry, parables, leading questions, short stories, wise sayings ,maxims and counsel -  all  wrapped in striking and memorable nuggets. Proverbs presents time-tested wisdom for achieving a successful everyday life

(George Bernard Shaw) It the other planets are inhabited, they're using the earth for their insane asylum

(Wiersbe) Educated and trained people who ignore or reject Christ can succeed in making a good living, but without Him they can never succeed in making a good life-one that glorifies God

(Wiersbe) It costs to acquire wisdom but it's worth it

( Wiersbe) On of the best ways to walk with the wise is to read church history and Christian biography

(Wiersbe) When I read a good book, I underline important sentences, write notes in the margins, and compile my own index of ideas at the back of the book

(Wiersbe) Profile of a wise person: Listen to wise instruction,fear the Lord, associate with wise people, flee from sin,don't take unnecessary chances and experiment to see how close they can get to the precipice without falling off,discipline their speech, diligent in their work, and seek to influence others to trust Christ

(Wiersbe) The imagination is the " womb " out of which either good or evil is born

(Wiersbe) Truth cannot be violated without society ultimately suffering. John Dryden wrote, " Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the cement of all societies

(Wiersbe) How can lost sinners ever believe that God loves them when God's children don't even love one another?

(Wiersbe)  It is enlightening to contrast the description of the wicked in Proverbs 6:16-19 with Christ's description of the godly person in Mt 5:1-16

(Wiersbe) If God's people loved holiness more, they would hate sin more

Saturday, May 14, 2011


(Proverbs  10:23/ The Living Bible)  A fool's fun is being bad; a wise man's fun is being wise

(Proverbs 10:20) When   a good man speaks, he is worth listening to, but the words of fools are a dime a dozen

(Proverbs 10:24/ The Living Bible) The  wicked man's fears will all come true, and so will the good man's hopes

(Proverbs 10:25/ The Living Bible) Disaster strikes like a cyclone and the wicked are whirled away, but the good man has a strong anchor

(Proverbs 10:28/ The Living Bible) The hope of a good man is eternal happiness; the hopes of a evil man are all in vain

(Proverbs 10:32/ The Living Bible) The upright speak what is helpful, the wicked speak rebellion

(Ray Stedman on Proverbs)  These are pithy, practical words of advice covering every situation of life. This is a book to be read again and again, until we have committed large blocks of it to memory, so that  it will be  available to us in times of pressure and decision making. The writer repeatedly set two things side by side and shows the good and evil results of various attitudes and actions. This collection also contains comparisons and similies that are powerfully descriptive and insightful. The wisdom of its pages will seep into your soul and change your life. The message of Proverbs is that life can never be fully understood nor fully lived except through a relationship with God.  The complexities and perils of life are simply too big for us to handle by ourselves. In order to successfully navigate the swirling currents of our daily existence , with all its temptations, deceptions, and risky choices, we need wisdom- the timeless, dependable , true wisdom of God. Someone has wisely said that          " choices are the hinges of destiny". Our lives  turn on the choices we make. This is what the book of Proverbs is all about: making wise choices. God has all the answers. He is all-wise and all-knowing. Nothing is hidden from His knowledge. He understands all mysteries and sees the answers to all riddles.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

(Wiersbe) A change of geography is usually no solution to spiritual problems, because human nature is the same wherever you go, and the enemy is everywhere

(Stowell) What is it you look forward to in your life? What really excites you? Whatever it is, although it's hard to imagine, heaven will be far better

(The Daily Bread) The more you look forward to heaven, the less you desire on earth

(A comment heard on the Bible Broadcast Network)  God has equipped you by His Spirit to minister in a way as unique as your finger prints

(Willie Stargell) when asked what it was like batting against Sandy Koufax, "It is like trying to drink coffee with a fork"

(Proverbs 10:19-20/The Message paraphrase) The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words. The speech of a good person is worth waiting for; the blabber of wickedness is worthless

(Proverbs 10:24/ The Message paraphrase) The nightmares of the wicked come true. What the good people  desire, they get

(Proverbs 10:30/The Message paraphrase)  Good people last-they can't be moved; the wicked are here today, gone tomorrow

(Proverbs 10 :30-31/The Message paraphrase) A good person's mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom; a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp. The speech of a good person clears the air;the words of the wicked pollute it

(Proverbs 10:2/the Living Bible paraphrase) Ill-gotten gain brings no lasting happiness;right living does

(Proverbs 10:7/ The Living Bible paraphrase) We all have happy memories of good men gone to their reward

(Proverbs 10:8/ The Living Bible paraphrase) The wise man is glad to be instructed, but a self-sufficient fool falls flat on his face

(Proverns 10:12/ The Living Bible paraphrase) Hatred stirs old quarrels, but love overlooks insults

(Proverbs 10:17/ The Living Bible paraphrase) Anyone willing to be corrected is one the pathway to life; anyone refusing has lost his chance

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(Wiersbe)  The fruit tree does not make a great deal of noise when it produces it  a crop; it merely allows the life within to work in a natural way, and fruit is the result. The difference between spiritual fruit and human religious activity is that the fruit brings glory to Jesus Christ. True spiritual fruit is so beautiful and wonderful that no man can claim credit for it; the glory must go to God alone

(Wiersbe) True Christian fellowship: I have you in my mind...I have you in my heart...I have you in my prayers

(Wiersbe) The same God who used Moses' rod, Gideon's pitchers, and David's sling used Paul's chains

(Wiersbe) Christians with the single mind look at the circumstances as God-given opportunities for the furtherance of the Gospel;they rejoice at what He is going to do instead of complaining what God did not do

(Wiersbe) Discouragement has a way of spreading, but so does encouragement

(Wiersbe) Envy and strife go together, just as love and unity go together

(Wiersbe) Because of Paul's chains, Christ was known;because of Paul's critics, Christ was preached;because of Paul's crisis, Christ was magnified

(Maltby Babock) Life is what we are alive to

(Wiersbe) Phil 1:21 is a valuable test of our lives: " For to me to live is _________ and to die is ____________" Fill in the blanks for yourself

(Wiersbe) The Christian life is not a playground;it is a battleground-we are soldiers defending the faith of the Gospel

(Wiersbe) What we believe determines how we behave, and wrong belief ultimately means a wrong life. Each local church is but one generation short of potential extinction

(Wiersbe) The most important weapon against the enemy is not a stirring sermon or a powerful book; it is the consistent life of believers

( Source unknown)  You are writing a gospel, a chapter a day,
                                By the deeds that you do and the words  that you say.
                                Men read what you write,whether fatihful or true:
                                Just what is the gospel according to you?

(Wiersbe) The greatest weapon against the devil is a godly life


(A. Rogers) When you are not afraid of dying, only then can you live

(Wiersbe)  It is worth asking, " Am I the kind of Christian who brings joy to my pastor's mind when he thinks of me? "

(Wiersbe) Christian love is the  "spiritual lubrication" that keeps the machinery of lie running smoothly

(Wiersbe) Perhaps the deepest Christian fellowship and joy we can experience in this life is at the throne of grace, praying with and for one another

(Wiersbe) Christian love is not blind! The heart and mind work together so that we have  discerning love and loving discernment

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(David Roper) Living forever means living out  the thought of eternity God has placed in our hearts as a thinking, feeling, remembering, recognizable person. Since we have this life and the next, we don't have to " have it all" now

(Aesop Fable)  " O foolish creatures that destroy
                           Themselves for transitory joy

(Stowell) Followers  don't cut deals with  Christ,they just follow. For followers, all the question marks fall into line behind Christ, who is the exclamation point.

(Phil 1:21/ The Message paraphrase) Life versus more life. I can't lose

( Phil 1:21/ Phillips translation)  For living for me means simply " Christ", and if I die, I should merely gain more or Him

(Phil 1:21/ The Living Bible paraphrase)  For to me, living means opportunities for Christ, and dying-well, that's better yet!

Monday, May 9, 2011


(Wiersbe) Witnessing is not something that we do for the Lord;it is something that He does through us, if we are filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a great difference between a " sales talk" and a Spirit-empowed witness

(Vance Havner)  People do not come to Christ at the end of an argument. Simon Peter came to Jesus because Andrew went after him with a testimony

(Wiersbe) Outline of Luke 24: Perplexed hearts: He opens the tomb (1-12)
                                                Discouraged hearts: He opens their eyes(13-                                                 35)
                                                Troubled hears: He opens their minds(36-46)
                                                Joyful hearts: He opened their lips(47-53)

( Joe Stowell) Leading is a temporary assignment;following is a lifelong calling

(1 Cor 15:34/The Message paraphrase) Ignorance of God is a luxury you can't afford in days like these

(1 Cor 15:50/ J B Phillips translation) The transitory shall never possess the eternal

(1 Cor 15:58/  J B Phillips translation) Be sure tht nothing you ever do for Him is ever lost or wasted

(1 Cor 15:33/ The Living Bible paraphrase) Don't be fooled by those who say such things. If you listen to them, you will start acting like them

( A. Rogers) With every tick of the clock, someone dies somewhere in the world. And we never know when that tick will come. Death is a fact. Death is a foe. Death is a defeated foe. When the last saint is raised, when all the battles are won,then death itself will be cast into the lake of fire( Rev 20:14) Jesus Christ has become the death of death. Death is only a comma to a Christian, not a period

(Wiersbe) 1 Cor 15:58 is the answer to Ecclesiastes where thirty eight times Solomon used the sad word vanity. "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity", wept Solomon; Paul sang a song of victory

(Wiersbe) Every cup in heaven will be filled, but some cups will be bigger than others, because of the faithfulness and sacrifice of those saints when they were on earth

(Wiersbe) Outline of 1 Cor 15: Are the dead raised?(1-19);When are the dead raised?(20-29);Why are the dead raised?(29-34,49-58); How are the dead raised?(35-48)


(Luke 24:41/The Message paraphrase) They still couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was too much. It was too  good to be true

(Luke 24:41) The Living Bible paraphrase)  Still they stood there undecided, filled with joy and doubt

(Ray Stedman) Ther secret of humanity is open to anyone who opens his or her
heart to the Son of Man, the perfect man. He alone has penetrated the depths of the human spirit. He alone reestablishes the lost relationship with God that enables us to be what God intended us to be. He alone saves and restores what was lost in the fall of man, in the entrance of sin into the world. He alone can restore the marred, distorted image of God in our lives. All the possibility of a fulfilled humanity is available to anyone in whom the Spirit of God dwells. All that you deeply want in the innermost recesses of your heart you can be. I'm talking about the deepest, most inexpressible yearnings of your heart-your desire to be connected to God, to know Him, and to be known by Him; your desire to have your life count for something in the eternal scheme of things;your desire to be clean and whole and forgiven. Jesus makes it possible for you to fulfill God's best for you, so that you will be mature and Christ-like, filled with love, forgiveness, wholeness, and good works. The great mystery of the ages, the great questions that have been raised by the philosophers and thinkers about our great but horribly flawed human race- all this has been answered by the entrance of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, into our humanity

(Charles Stanley) The first step to defuse douibt is to determine kits origin. The last thing Satan wants you to do is go to God in prayer and tell Him you feel doubtful

(Stanley) God often doesn't explain Himself. He simply calls us to trust Him

(Stanely) Always be honest with God. He knows it all anyway

( A Rogers) Cut the Bible anywhere, and it will bleed. The blood of Christ seems to stain every page

(John Stott) Christianity is in its very essence a resurrection religion. The concept of resurrection lies at its heart. If you remove it, Christianity is destroyed

(Wiersbe) How sad it is when God's perople forget His Wotrd and live defeated lives

(Wiersbe) How patient our Lord is as He listens to us tell Him what He already knows

(Wiersbe) commenting of Luke 24:27: " That was some Bible conference, and I wish I could have been there! Imagine the greatest teacher explaining the greatest themes from the greatest Book and bringing the greatest blessings to men's lives- eyes open to see Him, hearts open to receive the Word, and lips open to tell others what Jesus said to them

(Wiersbe) The key to understanding the Bible is to see Jesus Christ on every page

(Wiersbe) Understanding  Bible knowledge can lead to a " big head", but receiving Bible truth and walking with the Savior will lead to a burning heart

(Wiersbe) The best evidence that we have  understood the Bible and met with the living Christ is that we have something exciting to share with others

(Wiersbe) It has well been said that the only work of man now in heaven is the marks of Calvary on the body of the exalted Savior

(Wiersbe) As Christians, we are not judges or prosecuting attorneys sent to condemn, We are witnesses who point to Jesus Christ and tell lost sinners how to be saved

Saturday, May 7, 2011


(Ray Stedman) commenting on Malachi 3:8-10: These verses are often wrenched from the Old Testament context and used to establish a legalistic pattern of bringing all offerings into the church as the storehouse. That is a distortion

(Ray Stedman) We exist to advance Glod's cause. It is quite possible to perform all manner of religious obligations within the church, to spend every spare dollar and every  waking minute on ministry activities , and yet never advance God's cause a single step. Why?  Because many of us, in our various religious activities, are doing nothing but using religion to fulfill our own self-centered goals.

(Ray Stedman) No matter how bad things get in the world, a faithful remnant always remains, and God's searchlight always finds them

(Ray Stedman) The fact is, you can take away all the props of the church- its buildings and staff, its committees and commissions,its programs and budgets, it philosophy of ministry and church growth strategy, its experts and consultants- and if you have nothing left but some committed people who have learned  to focus on God, you have not lost a thing

(Ray Stedman) It is significant, I think, that the last word of the Old Testament is the word curse. The word is not a prediction. It is a warning. Now compare the last word of the Old Testament with the last word of the New Trestament, leaving out the final salutation. It is the name Jesus, " Come Lord Jesus". That is God's answer to the curse, isn' it?

(Charles Stanley) The closest mission field is your own family

(A. Rogers) Some golden daybreak, Jesus will come. His coming will be like the sunrise for your soul and for this world. The entire world waits for the sunrise, whether they know it or not

(A. Rogers)  There is no fun and games in a Christless grave. The demon choir of the damned will sing in the caverns of hell as they moan forever and ever and ever

( A . Rogers) The coming of the Lord will be a day of retribution, a day of restoration. a day of release, and a day of reward

(A. Rogers) God is not interested in making  you happy so much as He is making you holy

(A Rogers) You will be wise to let God keep the books

(Wiersbe) Every discouraged servant of God need to read and ponder 1 Cor 4:1-5.

(Wiersbe) Nobody can afford to argue with God the way the Israelites did when they heard Malachi, because God will always have the last word

(John Zuhldorf)  Commenting on a  Catholic bishop's letter to his diocese reminding them that cohabitation is a sin: " In this age of " I'm OK, you're OK", a bishop risk being called mean and uncompassionate if he does anything other than remain silent or wring his hands. So how do you defend doctrines that many think of as offensive without committing what many believe is the ultimate sin-offending people?"

(Joseph Stowell)  God is not a God of half-finished projects. He  completes our sorrows with the intended outcomes of His glory, the gain of His kingdom, and our ultimate good. When He knows that the only way to accomplish strategic eternal purposes is through the suffering of His church and His followers, He empowers them through the pain and then rewards and refreshes them afterward in His own way and time. A friend of mine is fond of saying, " God never wastes our sorrows." The light at the end of our cross-bearing tunnel is the assured  reality of His character, resolve, and power to work it all to His good and  glorious pruposes. We don't need to know the outcome;we only need to know the reliability of the One we are following into the storm. Those who follow Christ never pay a price-not really. They invest the weight of their cross in the glory of the King and the gain of His everlasting Kingdom


(David Livingston) Lord, lead me anywhere, only go with me;Lord, lay any burden on me,only sustain me;sever any tie from my heart or life that keeps me from doing the  total will of God

( Bonhoeffer) Every Christian has his own cross waiting from him; a cross destined and appointed by God. Each must endure his allotted share of suffering and rejection, but each has a different share. To endure the cross is not a tragedy; it isthe sufffering which is the fruit of an exclusive allegiance to Jesus Christ. When it comes, it is not an accident, but a necessity

(A. Rogers on Mt 6:33)   Desire Him preeminently, seek Him passionately, enjoy Him perpetually

(Ray Stedman) Satan has no old,happy men

(Ray Stedman) God created human beings to be creatures of splendor and authority; how heartbreaking to think of how much of God's image was lost in the Fall! Jesus fulfilled our  original destiny, lived  out our unfallen potential and sits at the right hand of God. He is the true man-humanity as God intended us to be.   
                                                                                                                 (Stanley) Jesus Christ knows experientially exactly what its like to be one of us; that's what makes HIm a great advocate. Jesus knows what it feels like to be tempted. We can never say to Him, " You don't know what its like  " because He does. In fact, we know less of the pain of temptation than He does, since He never gave into it

(Wiersbe) More spiritual problems are  caused  by neglect than perhaps any other failure on our part

(Wiersbe) Satan is not destroyed, but he is disarmed

(Julie Link) Sin put Jesus to the ultimate test. But His love endured it, His strength bore it, and His power overcame it

(Mart De Haan) The wisdom that comes from Glod is discerning, but not judgmental. Attitudes that add to the troubles of hurting people reflect the wisdom from below. The wisdom from above seeks to relieve their misery. True wisdom sees all people as those for whom Christ died

(Albert Einstein) defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

(Stowell) If we do not live as counterculture followers the world would not   know that there is an alternative. Any thought of a Christianity without a cross is a deeply flawed view of faith. In fact, there are more people dying as a martyr in this season of church history than in all the other seasons combined

(Ray Stedman) The act of divorce is seen as a kind of  a "nonviolent domestic violence " when it is perpetrated by one spouse against an unwilling, innocent partner. Whatever the problems in a marriage ( short of abuse or domestic violence), I always encourage couples to find ways to heal the relationship and avoid divorce

(Ray Stedman) writing in 1997, " Most of the moral horrors that surround us today were unthinkable just  twenty years ago. What unthinkable horrors await us in the  next few years? Anything that is unthinkable now could easily be common place tomorrow.


(Spurgeon)  When home is ruled by God's Word,angels might be asked to stay with us, and they would not find themselves out of their element

(Wiersbe) Nobody knows how many husbands and wives are emotionally divorced even though they share the same address

(Wiersbe) The baptism of the Holy Spirit has never been repeated any more than Calvary has been repeated. The baptism of the Spirit means that I belong to Christ's body. The filling of the Spirit means that my body belongs to Christ

(Wiersbe) Christian joy is not a shallow emotion that, like a thermometer, rises and falls with the changing of the atmosphere. Christian joy is a deep experience of adequacy and confidence inspite of the circumstances around us. This kind of joy is not a thermometer, but a thermostat. . Instead of rising and falling with the circumstances, it determines the spiritual temperature of the circumstances

(Wiersbe) If we would think more, we would thank more

(Wiersbe) The greatest is the person who uses his authority to build up people and not to build up his authority and make himself important

(Wiersbe) It is wrong for a believer to marry an unbeliever, but it is also wrong for two Christians to marry out of the will of God

(Wiersbe) Husband and wives are to love one another in a sacrificial, sanctifying, and satisfying way- the way Christ loves the church

(Stowell) Nothing is quite as defeating as living under the smothering oppression of judgmental, intolderant attitudes

(Stowell)  The compassion Christ felt was always followed by actions to address the need. Compassion without action is merely sympathy

(Charles Stanley) No Christian has ever been called " to go it alone" in their walk of faith

(Charles Stanley) God takes intense interest in how we behave as children of God, since His reputation is bound up in our conduct

(Stanley) God does not owe us His grace. The reason for God's grace and love is His own character, not ours

(A. Rogers)  There are four unbreakable principles of the law of the harvest: implementation, identification,incubation, intensification. When God forgives , the law of harvest goes right on. Friend, you can't sow your wild oats and then pray for a crop failure

(Rogers) If you are living in immorality, you are either headed for the woodshed or headed for hell

(Wiersbe) His summary of  2nd Samuel 11-12: Daivd's disobedience, deception, and discipline

(Wiersbe) If we open the door, sin comes in as a guest but soon becomes the master

(Wiersbe) Of all blindness, the worst kind is that which makes us blind to ourselves. Joseph Butler said," many men see perfect strangers in their own character"

(Wiersbe) His outline of 2 Sam 12:1-14: the trial(1-6); the verdict(7-9);the sentence(10-12); the pardon(13-14)

(Wiersbe) Chastening is difficulty permitted by a loving Father who wants His children to submit to His will and develop godly character. Chastening is an expression of God's love. In the Christian life, chastening isn't always God's response to our disobedience; sometimes He is preparing us for challenges yet to come

(Wiersbe) There are no easy answers to settle our minds, but there are plenty of dependable promises to heal our hearts, and faith is nurtured on promises, not on explanations

(Wiersbe)  David was the prodigal son of the Old Testament who repented and  "came back home" to find forgiveness

(Wiersbe) God's character and purposes don't change, but He does change His timing and His methods to accomplish His purposes

(Wiersbe) Overview of 2 Sam 11-12:  Chpt 11: the conceiving(1-3);the committing(4); the covering(5-27)  Chpt 12: the confessing(1-14);the chastening(15-23); the comforting(24-25); the conquering(26-31)

(Randy Kilgore) Satan not only delights  in the moment of our failure but also in the spiritual inactivity that sometimes snares us in our remorse. When we've blown our witness, we are and should be humbled. But we should not multiply the damage by retreating into silence and obscurity. We can move past failure. God forgives our sins completely to restore us to His presence and service

(Stowell) Somehow a system of belief and behavior that culminated on a Roman  instrument of torture has been reconfigured tinto a well-marked program of " let us help you feel better about yourself and teach you how to enjoy life to the full". This kind of hedonistic spin on Christianity is a direct contradiction of what it means to be a follower of Christ

(Stowell)  If I refuse crosses, then I cannot be a follower; if I follow, then crosses are inevitable. Our willingness to pay the price of a cross is the pivotal issue of being a fully devoted follower. The cost is measured in some of the more prized currency in our lives-comfort,convenience,health,wealth,fulfillment, and self-protection. Dietrich Bonhoeffer observed, " Only when we become completely oblivious of self are we ready to bear the cross for His sake. " Is Christ worth everything and anything? Or do we value the fulfillment of ourselves  with pleasure and ease and live first and foremost to protect our special interests? Like smorgasboard Christians, we pick and choose all that pleases our tastebuds and leave what is less palatable behind. Some crosses are fleeting things and are  quickly gone; some crosses last a lifetime. But no cross lasts forever

Friday, May 6, 2011


( A. Rogers) Eph 5:31 shows the priority of, the permanence of, and the purpose of  marriage

(Wiersbe) Children probably learn more by watching and imitating than any other way

(Wiersbe) The old nature is basically selfish and for that reason builds walls and declares war. But the new nature is loving , and therefore builds bridges and proclaims peace

(Wiersbe) Our love for God is our response to His love for us

(Wiersbe) Sins of the tongue are really sins of the heart. Grace in the heart means grace on the lips

(Wiersbe) Two indications of peoples's character are what makes them laugh and what makes them weep

(Wiersbe) Sin in the life of a believer is different than sin in the heart of an unbeliever! It's worse!

(Wiersbe) Goodness is love in action

(Wiersbe) Righteousness means rightness of character before God and rightness of actions before men

(Wiersbe) Some preachers enjoy reveling in the sensational so much so that their sermons excite appetites and give to the innocent more information than they need. It is not necessary for the believer to perform an autopsy on a rotting corpse to explain its rottenness

(Wiersbe) If the days were evil when Paul wrote his epistles, what must be their condition today?

(Wiersbe) Too many Christians have the idea that discovering God's will is a mystified experience that rules out clear thinking. But this idea is wrong and dangerous. God gave you a mind-He expects you to use it. Learning His will involves gathering facts, examining them,weighing them, and then praying for His wisdom. God does not want us simply to know His will; He wants us to understnd His will. God reveals His will through the Word, His Spirit in our hearts, and the working of circumstances

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


(Stowell) Truth by its very nature divides right from wrong. People often say they don't like doctrine because it divides.Core doctrine that reflect clear teaching of Scriptures about the fundamentals our our faith are supposed to divide. It divides truth from error, Christianity from seductive substitutes. To deny the primacy of truth is to deny God Himself

(Stowell) To permit unrepentant sin to exist among believers without censure is to permit an influence that erodes the purity of the pilgrimmage. But even biblical discipline is to be characterized by a love marked by true compassion and steadied by the resolve to restore the wayward and to protect the integrity of the faith and the purity of the faith

(Stowell) When the cause is compelling enough, we don't have the luxury not to cooperate. Nothing erodes the message of Christ more than when followers splinter and divide. Needless to say, styles,methods, and personal preference are not of greater value than the cause of Christ. At the end of the day, nothing of lesser value should divide us. It is critical to remember that we aren't competitors in the work of Christ. Followers of Christ are colleagues

( A. Rogers) At death, you leave behind all that you have and take with you all that you are

(The Message paraphrase of Eph 5:4) Though some tongues just love the taste of gossip, Christians have better use of language than that

(The Message paraphrase of Ehh 5:6) Don't let yourself be taken in by religious smooth talk

(The Message paraphrase of Eph 5:15) Watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times

(J B Phillips) You know the truth-let your life show it

(Rogers) Someone has said that the difference between courtship and marriage is the difference between what you see in the seed catalogue and what comes up in the garden. The cuase of the inconsistency is usually the failure to cultivate the garden

(Rogers) Now, if you don't like what these verses say, you'll just have to take it up with God,ok?

(Rogers) The home needs a head. Anything with no head is dead, and anything with two heads is abnormal, a freak. If the home is wrong, it is primarily because the man is wrong. The husband is to love his wife passionately, to purify her, and to protect her

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


( A.Rogers) God does not change in order to love us. He loves us in order to change us

(Wiersbe) What a miracle of God's grace. We are taken out of the great graveyard of sin and placed in the throne room of glory

(Wiersbe) The unbeliever is not sick;he is dead.He does not need resuscitation;he needs resurrection

(Wiersbe) God has two kinds of attributes: those that He possesses of Himself(intrinsic), and those by which He relates to His creation, especially to man(relative)

(Wiersbe) If our righteousnesses are filthy, what must our sins look like?

(Wiersbe) The will of God comes from the heart of God

(Wiersbe)  Religious history is a story of devolution, not evolution

(Wiersbe) When the church is least like the world, it does the most for the world

(Wiersbe) Jesus Christ died to make reconciliation possible. You and I must live to make the message of reconciliation personal

(Wiersbe) Unity is not uniformity. Unity comes from within and is a spiritual grace, while uniformity is the result of pressure from without

(Wiersbe) Someone  has said, " humility is that grace that , when you know you have it, you have lost it." Humility means putting Christ first, others second , and self last. It means knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves, and being ourselves to the glory of God. He does not want us to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to or less highly than we ought to

(Stowell) Spriritual gifts are intended to expand our ability to multiply the work of Christ

(Stowell) We must hold one another lovingly  accountable for those things that are clearly out of bounds. But we are not called to be resentful, judgmental, self-righteous, or distant toward those with whom we disagree. We are His body, called to follow Him undivided

Sunday, May 1, 2011


(Stowell) As endless as Gods blessings are, so should our praise be

(J Allen Blair)  God has planted the Cross of Christ at the crossroads of of history. There is no way that anyone can detour around it. This is a fact from which there is no escape. It is the reaction to that encounter which determines the disposition and destiny of each person

(Blair) When Jesus was born, the darkness of midnight was turned into the full blaze of midday. But when He died, the brilliance of midday was plunged into the blackness of midnight. How could it be otherwise when sinful men sought to extinguish the Light of the world. Light rejected brings darkness

(Blair) Calvary- the place where the most solemn transaction in time nd eternity took place. Calvary is God's infinite heartache manifest in time

(Blair) When Christ died on the Cross, it was not human nature offering its very best to God;it was God offering His very heart to men

(Blair) It is Christ's resurrection that proves the value of the Cross

(Blair) tells the story of a clergyman saying to a Christian woman, " Do you think that a death-bed repentance does away with a whole life of sin?" "No, she said, but Calvary does"

(Blair) John 12:32 does not mean that everyone will be saved, but it does mean that He provided a way so that everyone can be saved. The Cross provides universal salvation for all who believe on Christ

(Blair) With the gift of life, you gain the right to heaven. If you reject it, you have only the right to hell

(Mart De Haan) Christ shows us that any power we have is not an entitlement to be served but rather a responsibility to serve. In His kingdom, the elder must be the younger, the greater as the least, and those who rule as those who serve