Thursday, March 31, 2011


It has been said that everyone lives to please someone

(Bible Knowledge Commentary) The prophecy of the Rapture is as sure to be fulfilled as the prophecies of Christ's death and resurrection

(Harold K Lane) Whenever the principle of the dignity and sanctity of life is called into question, the rule of law is thrown into  real jeopardy. When the principle of absolute truth is removed from the constitutional vocabulary, our freedom is no longer absolutely secure

(James Robison) Nullify the right to life and liberty for some citizens and you jeopardize the rights of every citizen

(Robert Bork) Already legal precedents for abortion have been recycled for the causes of euthanasia, assisted suicide, and mercy killing

(Robert Browning Hamilton)
      I walked a mile with pleasure, she chatted all the way and left me none the wiser for all she had to say
      I walked a mile with sorrow and not a word said she, but oh the things I learned from sorrow, when sorrow walked with me

(Ray Stedman) What we think as reality is a mere vapor compared with the reality of the heavenly realm, It is the difference between  the powerlessness  and weakness of humanity contrasted with the vast might and authority of God

(Daily Bread) The Lamb who died to save us is the Shepherd who lives to lead us

(Robison) Greed has an appetite that cannot be satisfied and a thirst that can never be quenched. Its ambition can never be exhausted, It makes demands that can never be fulfilled and creates needs that can never be met. Greed always wants more. Greed is less about the things we have and more about the things that have us. When succombing to greed, people invariably think that getting is better than having. Greed perpetually compels us to get new things. It is a mad, unending, and vicious cycle. Because greed is never satisfied, it is never gratified. Because it is never gratified, it is never thankful. Because it is never thankful, it is never at rest. Greed consumes the lives of those it possesses. It is an equal opportunity destroyer. All attempts to satisfy the cravings of greed are futile. It is certain to impose a smothering sadness and hopelesness upon all who are consumed by it.Greed's  touch makes genuine fulfillment, satisfaction, and freedom unattainable. We are to be rivers, not storehouses. The antidote to greed is compassion

(Robison) The American founders never intended for government to play the role of provider

(Robison) I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do want to be  a  catalyst to inspire discussion

(Booker Washington) To uphold honor in ordinary circumstances,to be a hero in common life, that is a genuine achievement meriting our highest admiration

(T. Roosevelt) Character is always the most important issue in determining the outcome of human evennts, and character is revealed in what we actually do, not merely what we say or believe


(A.Rogers) There is no greater tragedy that trading your soul for the toys of this world

(James Robison) Wisdom results when knowledge is matched with understanding

(James Robison) Isn't it amazing how free the media are to interpret everything they see, rather than simply report the facts? Journalism used to see its role as farirly and accurately presenting both sides of a story and letting the public decide which one made sense.Now, too much journalism presents us with a conclusion and demands that we accept it  or be labeled...........

(G K Chesterton) We do not need to enact  good laws to restrain bad people. We need to get good people to restrain bad laws.

(James Robison) History has proven all too often that democracy is particularly susceptible to the urges and impulses of : " mobocracy "

(Robison) Unfortunately, in a " value-free " society, minds have been dulled by the smothering conformity of popular culture. Wisdom has been marginalized in our society because it is deemed to be dangerous ( after all, it involves value judgments). Because wisdom is not ethically neutral, it flies in the face of the postmodern worldview

(Robison) Understanding applies knowledge, puts it in context, and makes it relevant.

Over the gates of hell could be inscribed, " I did it my way"

(Robison) A subtle form of censorship is selective reporting that silences or whittles down counter-arguments to innocous and ineffective soundbites

(Robison) Truth is like a lion: If you turn it loose, it will defend itself

(Robison) What if, instead of protecting partisan positions, we made the pursuit of truth the #1 objective in public discourse? Jesus said the we would know the truth and the truth would make us free- but that only works if you want to be set free. There is no greater bondage than refusing to acknowledge the truth

(Robison) In recent years, it seems the focus has shifted from evaluating the merits of a person's position to labeling people in an effort to discredit what they say. We must vigorously resist the trend in our society toward labeling and name-calling,. Instead of being " iron that sharpens iron", we have lost our cutting edge by our failure to focus on the common good during times of disagreement

(Robison) Apart  from truth, a civil society cannot long survive.Truth confronts our preferences and prejudices. Truth is often most offensive when it clashes with tradition

(Thomas Paine) Such is the irresistible  nature of truth that all it wishes, and all it needs, is the liberty of appearing

(Robison) Truth can stand the debate test. Poke it. Probe it. Explore it. Turn it inside out. Put it under the microscope. Expose it to the harshest conditions. Truth will endure. We never have to apologize for the truth. It is able to withstand every charge. It is able to bear up under any challenge.. The Truth has an undeniable radiance and resonance. It stands up and out.

( A Rogers)  Communicate or disintegrate

(Rogers) The Bible is a wonderful sword but a poor club

(Rogers) provided the following outline in a message on communications:
the power of;the problem of;the procedure for; the promise of

(Rogers) There are no problems too big to solve, only people to small to solve them

(Rogers) Are you trying to win the argement or solve the problem?

(Rogers) When you get on the airplane of marriage,don't take the parachute of divorce

(T. Roosevelt) Never will I sit motionless while, directly or indirectly , apology is made for the murder of the helpless. Murder is not debatable

(Robison) Every life is worth affirming, enabling, and protecting. There are no expendable or disposable people. Tragically, our legacy of staunchly defending life and liberty around the world stands in stark contrast to the carnage we have allowed within our own borders. Every year in America more than one million of the most innocent and helpless lives are terminated by abortion. I'm not saying a woman doesn't have a right to control her own body, but it is not her body we are talking about. Any pregnancy involves two  precious and valuable lives, and we must consider both of them. Don't tell me its just a fetus. He or she is an innocent,preborn child

(Thomas Jefferson) The chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that and you have abandoned all

( Robert K Spradling) Too many pastors preach out of other men's heads instead of their own

( C. Stanley) The Christian life is not a nonstop parade of miracles and astonishing answers to prayer and extraordinary visions and  angelic visitations. Much of it is low-key, tame, and ordinary. Yet a godly life will always be celebrated in heaven

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(James Robison) I am not afraid to place my  Christian ideas and convictions alongside ideas from other faiths and perspective- because I know that truth will prevail. I'm not afraid of the truth

(Adrian Rogers) Commenting on Mark 8:36-37: The value of the human soul: the fabulous treasure, the foolish transaction, and the fatal tragedy


(Swindoll) Tells story of  a young, ambitious businessman interviewing an older, successful executive who was known to be a man of few words. The young  man asked him the secret to being successful. He replied," Good decisions". Young  man  made note of that and then asked him how you make good decisions to which the older man replied, " experience". Young man made note of that and then asked him how he got  his  experience and the older gentleman replied," bad decisions".

(James Robison) Relativists who wish to remove Christian ideals and ideas from public life are not simply trying to ensure objectivity and tolerance in our culture;they are seeking to exchange the influence of one worldview for another

(James Robison) When the task of faith is limited merely to offering indi- viduals inner peace and transquility, then virtually all moral influence is removed from the world.There is little or nothing to restrain the ambitions of evil people people and movements.There are no checks, no balances, no standards, and no limitations. The wise counsel of the ages goes unheard and unheeded. All the foundations of civil society are threatened.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


(Phillips-1Cor 10:12) Let the man who feels sure he stands today be careful that he does not fall tomorrow

(The Living Bible-1Cor 10:13) No temptation is irresistible

(David Lowery) Christian freedom was not meant to lead to self-indulgence but to selfless service

(Bible Knowledge Commentary on 1 Cor 10:13)  Part of the problem in the Corinthian church was that some were  not looking for a way out by endurance but a way in by indulgence

Sunday, March 27, 2011


(James Robison) Relativism makes the public opinion poll the voice of virtue-subject to continual update and a certain mfrgin or error

(James Robison) In the name of  civil liberty and cultural diversity, the conscience is elevated to the role of moral compass.What's  good and true for you might not be good and true for anyone else

(Thomas Paine)The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly

(James Robison) The entertainer, teacher, or leader who undermines the relevance of absolutes  is no less demonically manipulated than the terrorist

(Robison) The forces of evil have launched a direct attack on the truth of the absolutes, and all of human history bears witness to the deadly consequences of this assault

(Anon) It has well been said that, after a careful reading of all of history, it might well be more accurate  to say "peace broke out " rather than "war broke out"

(Richard Weaver) Worldview is the most important thing we can know about a person. Ideas have consequences. Discernment is the most necessary of all the tasks of wisdom.

(James Sire) A worldview is a map of reality.All of us carry around such a map in our mental makeup and we act upon it. Most of our experience fits into it.All people-without exception- have a worldview, whether they realize it or not.It is not possible to separate what we do from what we think.We simply cannot escape from our worldview.

(Robison) God's judgment against those who embrace a Godless worldview is to allow them to experience the consequences of their lifestyle choices. God gives them what they ask for!

(Robison) Some people and groups in our society will defend the rights of plants and  animals with greater zeal than they will the rights of people

(Robison) Who would have thought we would see the day when a woman's freedom of choice would not be constrained by her unborn child's right to life?Who would have thought that a person's freedom to have a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex would not only be defended as normal,but would become the basis of proposed changes in our laws concerning marriage and the family?

(Robison) The idea of "separation between church and state" was designed to keep the government from interfering with the free practice of religion;it was never intended to eliminate the influence of religion from the public square.

(Swinddoll) Never confuse confidence in Christ with cockiness in the flesh

( The Message paraphrase of 1 Cor 10:12) We are just as capable of messing up as they were. Don't be so naive and self confident. You're not exempt. You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence; lt's useless. Cultivate God-confidence

Saturday, March 26, 2011


(Napoleon) The Bible is no mere book, but a living power that conquers all who oppose it

(The Message paraphrase of  2 Tim 4:3-4) People will have no stomach for solid teaching, but will fill up on spiritual junk food-catchy opinions that tickle their fancy.They'll turn their backs on truth and chase mirages

(Wiersbe) on 2 Tim 3:16-The Bible teaches us what's right, what's wrong, how to get right, and how to stay right

(The Living Bible paraphrase of 2 Tim 4:3-4) For there is going to come a time when people won't listen to the truth, but will go around looking for teachers who will  tell them just what they want to hear. They won't listen to what the Bible says but will blithely follow their own misguided ideas

(Phillips translation of 2 Tim4:3-4) For the time is coming when men will not tolerate wholesome teaching. They will collect  teachers who will pander to their own desires. They will no longer listen to truth, but will wander after man-made fictions

(Ray Stedman) Death is but an incident to one who truly believes.Beyond death, victory beckons

(Ray Stedman) But  two thousand years later, the tables are turned. Today, people name their sons Paul and their dogs Nero

(C.Stanley) We often quote Phil 4:13 and forget tht Paul  was in jail when he wrote that verse

(C Stanley) What incredible encouragement  it is to know that we are part of God's providential plan!

(C. Stanley, commenting on 2 Tim 4:21) We know nothing about these four people other than they stuck with Paul

(A Rogers) refers to 2 Tim 4:6-8 as Paul's valedictory

(Bill Crowder, commenting on 2 Tim 4:1-8) In a sense, Paul's words to Timothy  could be placed in the categories of perspiration, inspiration, and aspiration


(Napoleon) The Bible is God's guideline, His plumbline,  and His bottom line

(James Robison) The Middle East is a time bomb with a rapidly burning fuse. Eventually there will occur Armageddon


(Wiersbe) Tells story of lady who wrote her pastor to commend him on how helpful his sermons had been to her husband  since he  had lost his mind

(Ray Stedman) The Law is a mirror

( C. Stanley) He defines grace as God's kindness and goodness toward us without regard to worth or merit

(Rogers) If you are a Christian, do you know what God sees when he looks at you? He see Jesus Christ

(Rogers) When you retire, you have more time to serve, but not one more second than you need to serve

( Daily Bread) We need more than a new start. We need a new heart

(William Lyons Philips) Our civilization is founded on the Bible. More of our ideas, our wisdom,our philosophy,our literature, our art, and our ideals come from the Bible than from all other books combined

(D.James Kennedy) There is not a single aspect of Western Civilization that is not directly attributable to the teaching and influence of biblical absolutes

(Cornelius Van Til) The Bible is authoritative on everything of which it speaks, and it speaks on everything

(Henry James) The Bible contains more true sublimity, more exquisite beauty, more morality, more important history and finer strains of poetry and eloquence than can be attested for all other books in whatever age or language they may have been written

Thursday, March 24, 2011


(J. Robison) The moral absolutes are the truths that dissenters can try to deny but can never escape. The Book of the Ages contains the inescapable fixed principles of life. It comes from a source beyond our human capacity. It was written over a span of hundreds of years by writers who never met one another, yet the consistency of the themes is so remarkable that only a supernatural explanation will suffice

(James Robison) It is important that, when seeking the truth, we do not strain the truth through a screen of preconceived notions, ideas, or prejudices--including religious positions. Everyone comes to the Bible with some presuppositions. No one is totally objective. Examples are those  who demand it pass the tests of  tradition, They rely on the definitions and explanations of church historians or admired theologians, often excluding the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Others are unwilling to accept anything they cannot relate to their own experiences. Extremists in every age have used the Bible to support some of the worst heresies ever conceived.

(James  Robison) Here is an absolutely essential principle for evaluating the truth and reliability of Scripture: The Bible judges us;we do not judge the Bible

(The Message paraphrase of Romans 3:25) He got us out of the mess we were in and restored us to where He always wanted us to be

(Phillips translation of Rom 3:20) It is the straight edge of the law that shows us how crooked we are

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


(Roger Raymer) The term Christian only occurs three times in the Bible:1Pet 4:16,Acts 11:26,Acts 26:28

(James Robison)  By seeking to spiritually clone ourselves, we have succeeded in making "like-kind", but have not necessarily made " Christlike kind"

(James Robison) What have wse accomplished if we "win"  a debate but lose a  brother?

(James Robison) I still have deep convictions and I still have my hot button issues, but my convictions are aimed more toward tearing down walls than separating people and building a dialogue that leads to healing and reconciliation. I'm tired of the division in the Church and in our nation. I want to help bring people together, "speaking the truth in love''. That's why I am broken-hearted when people refuse to dialogue, when they refuse to interact honestly or try to hear one another. Let's stop hiding behind our party lines ,denominational differences, stereotypes, and our rhetoric.

(James Robison) I am personally convinced that love has no greater expression than forgiveness---sincere,whole-hearted forgiveness that seeks to reconcile relationships and restore the fallen

(James Robison) We must refuse to let the past hold us captive

(Samuel Johnson-225 years ago) The pervading spirit of the present age seems to be the spirit of skepticism and captiousness, of suspicion & distrust; a dislike for all established forms, merely because they are established; and of old truths, because they are old

(G K Chesterton) If men will not be governed by the ten commandments, they will be governed by the ten thousand commandments

(T. Roosevelt) There are those who believe that a new modernity demands a new morality. What they fail to consider is the hard reality that there is no such thing as a new morality.  There is only one morality .All else is immorality .There are only true Christian ethics against which stands the whole of paganism. If we are to fulfill our great destiny as a people, then we must return to the old morality, the sole morality.

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(Swindoll) Are you busy or are you effective?

(Swindoll) Deep within many a forgotten life is a sense of hope, a lonely melody trying hard to return

(Elbert Hubbard) To mediocrity, genius is unforgiveable

(Swindoll) All men are created fallible. Yes,all. If you remember that, you'll have fewer surprises and disappointments, greater wisdom, and whole lot better perspective on life

(Swindoll) Beware! You can make an idol out of anyone or anything in your life

(Swindoll) What you invest your time and treasure in, what you talk about, and what you keep returning to in your mind is what's really important in your heart. It's that simple

(Swindoll) Does Christ reign without a rival or would you have to admit to a personal shrine in your inner temple where you privately burn incense?

(Swindoll) The "entertain me" philosophy of the public outshouts those who plead, " Make me think"

(Swindoll) Wherever you are or go, never forget that there are those who feel unwanted,forgotten,unloved (and unlovely)-and are more lonely that words can express

Then there's the story about the man who sent the IRS a check for $150 with a note that said he had not been able to sleep because of his underreporting of income, with a PS that said if he still couldn't sleep , he'd send the rest

(Swindoll) Can you keep a secret? Be honest; now prove it. No leader deserves the respect of the people if he or she cannot restrain information that is shared in private .What you're told in confidence, do not repeat.Whenever you're tempted to talk, do not yield.Whenever you're discussing people, do not gossip. However you're prone to disagree, do not slander

(Swindoll) It is my conclusion that , in both personal and world affairs, the fuse on the powder keg is becoming shorter by the day

(Swindoll,at the end of a short commentary on suicide) During the time it took you to read this article, seven people in America attempted to take their lives

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring 2011

(Stanley) Would we want to be judged by the same  standards we judge others?Do we demand grace but never give it? If we want to be given the benefit of the doubt, we must  give others the benefit of the doubt

(Rogers) If your religion hasn't changed your life, you'd better change your religion.

(Rogers) Did you hear about the fella who bought himself a new boomerang and nearly killed himself trying the throw the old one away?

(Rogers) We condemn others because of our iniquity, our ignorance, our insecurity, and our insensitivity.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


(Joseph Parker) There is a broken heart in every pew. Preach to the sorrowing and you will never lack for a congregation

(Swindoll) Sorrow and her grim family of sighs may drop by for a visit, but they won't stay long when they realize faith got there first... and doesn't plan on leaving

(Swindoll) Those who flex with the times, refuse to be rigid,resist the mold, and reject the rut-those are the souls distinctively used by God. To them chnage is a challenge, a fresh breeze that blows through the room of routimne and blows away the stale air of sameness.

(Swindoll,commenting on  reactions to the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ) Critics have denied it, cynics have laughed at it, scholars have ignored it, liberals have explained it away, and fanatics have perverted it

The Message paraphrase of Mt. 7:15-20) Beware of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other.Don't be impressed with charisma;look for character. Who preachers are is the main thing, not what they say. A genuine leader will never exploit your emotions or your pocketbook . 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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(Swindoll) A person with  perspective sees the big picture and is able to distinguish the incidental from the essential, the temporary from the eternal,the partial from the whole , and the trees from the forest

St Patrick's Day

(Swindoll) Sometimes the  best way to show yourself wise is not so much  by what you say but by silence

(Swindoll) Funny isn't it? God often delivers His best gifts to us through the back door of our lives

(Swindoll) God gives each believer a plan to follow, a promise to remember, and a traveling companion to help

(Unnamed  theology professor at Dallas Theological Seminary quoted by Swindoll)  Too much of our religious activity today is nothing more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life

(Swindoll) The very best proof of the genuineness of your Christianity occcurs within the  framework of your home

(Swindoll) Vision becomes contagious

(Swindoll) "Pre-Christians"  :His term for unsaved friends, relatives, associates and neighbors

(A.Rogers) Some people  can strut sitting down

( A Rogers) Told story of two Christians talking about sin of pride. First fella said he didn't have problem  with pride.  The second fella said he shouldn't since he had nothing to be be proud of to which the first fella said he had just as much to be proud of as the second fella

(Rogers) told story of man describing how self-sufficient he was to his wife and then said," if it was any other person I'd call that pride, wouldn't you honey?"

(Joe Aldrich) What we anticipate in life is usually what we get

(Wiersbe) Health is to the body what holiness is to the soul

(Dave Branon) Children may not inherit their parents talents  but they do absorb their values

(Swindoll, in 1985) It's a stunning fact of history that the average age of the world's great civilizations has been about two hundred years. According to that reckoning, America may be living on borrowed time

(Joe Lewis) I don't really like money but it does quiet my nerves

(Swindoll) Enough just isn't enough-one of Satan's greatest lies

(Swindoll) A person who views life with the right perspective has the ability to see things in  their true relationships  and their relative importance

Friday, March 11, 2011


(Ray Stedman) When all the worthless products of human endeavor have crumbled into the dust,when all the institutions and organizations we have built have long been forgotten, the temple that God built- His Church-will be the center of attention through all eternity

(Rogers) Grace says, I love you",  reaching down;
               Faith says, " I believe you", reaching up

(Swindoll) My mother told me there would be days like this but she never told me they would run in packs

(Swindoll) A sense of humor is of paramount importance to a leader.Many of God's servants are simply too serious

(Swindoll) Friendship is not threatened but strengthened  by honest criticism

(Swindoll) The river of love must be kept within the banks,Truth on one side, discernment on the other

(Swindoll) God allows suffering so that we might have the capacity to enter into others sorrows and affliction

(Swindoll) How unfinished and rebellious and proud and unconcerned we would be without sufferings

(Swindoll) Christ  met us as we were, not as  we "ought to be". Is that how we meet people?

(George MacLeod) Christ was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles but on a cross between two thieves

(anon) Shared joy is a double joy;shared sorrow is half a sorrow

(Swindoll) God's Word, like a deep,deep mine, stands ready to yield its treasures

(The Message paraphrase of Mt. 5:44) Let your  enemies bring out the best in you

(Anon) People who are all wrapped up in themselves make a very small package

(Rogers) You can't be right with God and wrong with a brother

(Joe Stowell) Dying to self is life at its best

(Swindoll of his father) I do not recall his overt declaration of love as clearly as I do his demonstration of it

(Swindoll on the life and death of his father) He leaves in his legacy a well-marked Bible I treasure, a series of feelings that I need to deepen my roots, and a thousand memories that comfort me as I replace denial with acceptance.

(Swindoll) God is the One who builds temples from the scrap pile

(Swindoll) God sure gets blamed for a lot of stuff He has nothing to do with

(Swindoll) Sometimes it helps to remember what God calls us during our short stint on planet Earth- strangers and pilgrims

(Swindoll) Thoughts form the thermostat which regulates what we accomplish in life.We become what we think about. Our performance is directly related to thoughts we deposit in our memory bank. We can only draw on what we deposit

(Swindoll) A frog strangler is east Texan for a rain storm

(Swindoll) I'm convinced that by the time I got out of high school, I'd gone through five, maybe six guardian angels

(Swindoll) In general, the more conservative we become, the less compassionate we become. I want to know why it has to be either/or ? Why can't it be both?

(Swindoll) Do you really believe that no problem is beyond His power?

(Rogers) When God says no, it's because He has something better in store for you.

(Rogers) When God says, " Thou shalt not" He is really saying " Don't hurt yourself".

(Swindoll) Tact graces life like a fragrance graces a rose.Tact is incessantly appropriate,invariably attractive, immeasurably appealing, but rare... oh, so rare!

(C. Stanley) Inappropriate compromise is costly, it corrupts, and it brings collapse

(Swindoll) Surveys  have shown that  one half of college graduates never read another complete book after graduation

John D Rockefeller, when asked how much  money it would take to satisfy a man, replied, "  a little more than he has"

(Swindoll)Contentment means that things don't possess me

(Swindoll) The most effective retaliation is an absence of retaliation

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(Swindoll) a lot of things we get hot and bothered about in this lifetime won't even show up in eternity

( Wiersbe) appetites determine actions
                 delights determine direction
                 the root determines the fruit

(Wiersbe) the most important part of our lives is that which only God sees

(Wiersbe) All too often we are more concerned about our reputation than our character. The one thing you'll take to Heaven is your character

(Wiersbe) Holiness is to the soul what health is to the body

(Wiersbe) There is no such thing as secular and spiritual. It's all spiritual

(Wiersbe)  Love is the circulatory system of the church

(Swindoll) Knowledge, rather than being the enemy of the Faith, is one of its strongest allies

(Swindoll) Ask yourself each morning: who needs my help today? My understanding?My encouragement? My acceptance? My affirmation? My listening and caring ear?

(Frank Colby) Every person ought to be inquisitive through every waking hour of each day of life's great adventure down to the day they shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun

(Swindoll) There's a name for people who don't listen to warnings-victim!

(Psychiatrists Drs. Minirth and Meier) If an individual changes all their can'ts  to won'ts ,  they stop avoiding the truth, quit deceiving themselves, and start living in reality

(A.Rogers) Even if you could gain the whole world you couldn't keep it; and even if you could keep it. I guarantee it wouldn't last; and even if it did last, I can guarantee you it wouldn't satisfy

(H L Menchen ) There's always an easy solution to every human problem-neat,plausible, and wrong

(Swindoll) Life for the growing Christian can be seen in three stages: preparation,perseverance, and promise

(Swindoll) If necessity is the mother of invention, persistence is certainly the father.

(Swindoll)  God honors persistance, maybe becuase He models it so well

(Swindoll) Some people are about as motivated as a grizzly bear in the middle of January

(Swindoll) Satan relentlessly whispers:" You're through,finished,burned out,used up. You've been replaced,forgotten. It's a lie!

(Dave Branon) Heaven's delights will far outweigh earth's difficulties

(Swindoll) Did you hear about the cross-eyed  discus thrower? He didn't set any records but he sure kept the crowd awake!

(Swindoll) When you get right down to it, the greatest difference between one person and another lies largely in their use or misuse of their time

(Swindoll) At death, time vanishes and eternity takes its place

(Swindoll, Except for God, the heart alone knows its own sorrow and not another person can fully share it

(Swindoll) I have tried and I cannot find, either in Scripture or in history, a strong-willed individual whom God used greatly until He allowed him to be hurt deeply

(J C Penney) Geniuses  themselves don't talk about the fift of genius;they just talk about hard work and long hours

(Swindoll) The Cross was God's incredible response to our extreme delimma. Christ did something radical

(Swindoll) Some perple are so indecisive their favorite color is plaid

(A. Rogers)  once defined a fanatic as a person whose lost his direction but doubled his speed

(Andrew Carnegie) Millionaires who laugh are rare

( David Jeremiah) God is not obligated to be on our time schedule

(The Message paraphrase of Eph2:8-9) Saving is all His idea and all His work. All we have to do is trust Him enough to let Him do it.