Sunday, July 31, 2011


( Our Daily Bread) The best reward of prayer: the reward of communicating and communing with the God of the universe

( Hebrews 6:3/ The Message)  Commenting on the need for maturity: " There's much more. Let's get on with it "

( J B Phillips ) Commenting on  Hebrews 5:14 /need for maturity: " the man who has developed by experience his power to discriminate between what is good and what is bad for him

(Heb 5:8-9/The Living Bible)  And even though Jesus was God's Son, He had to learn from experience what it was like to obey, when obeying meant suffering. It was after He had proved Himself perfect in this experience that Jesus became the Giver of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him

( Adrian Rogers) I have found that when you don't apologize for the Bible, but instead preach the Bible, it goes through the devil's lies like a white-hot cannonball through a crate of eggs. There is power in the Word of God

( Rogers) God gives you His unlisted phone number and invites you to get in touch with Him anytime

( Warren Wiersbe) In His Gethsemane prayer, Christ was not praying to be spared from death, but to be saved out of death. He  was praying for resurrection from the dead, and God answered that prayer

( Wiersbe) It is impossible to stand still in the Christian life: we either go forward and claim God's blessings or we go backward and wander about aimlessly

( Bill Hybels)  Commenting on his conversion: " I felt a release and a liberation unlike anything I had ever felt before. Finally, my feet weren't building blisters on the treadmill  of good works. I was lifted off the tightrope of the fear of death and punishment, and instead cast upon the sure ground and security of an outrageous  love. Grace  had changed my life forever

Saturday, July 30, 2011


( Wiersbe) The word " know" is  used 141 times and the word " love" is used 56 times in the book of John

( Wiersbe) The Holy Spirit does not work instead of us or inspite of us, but in us and through us. To be filled with the Spirit is to be controlled by the Word. The Spirit of Truth uses the Word of truth  to guide us into the will and work of God

( Wiersbe)  The way we treat the Holy Spirit is the way we treat the Lord Jesus Christ. The way we treat the Bible is the way we treat the Spirit of God and the Son of God

( Wiersbe) Salvation means we are going to heaven, but submission means that heaven comes to us

( Spurgeon)  Little faith will take your soul to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul

( Wiersbe) The world bases its peace on its resources, while God's peace depends on relationships. The world depends on personal ability, but the Christian depends on spiritual adequacy with Christ

( Wiersbe) Unsaved people enjoy peace when there is absence of trouble; Christians enjoy peace inspite of trials because of the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit

( Wiersbe) People in the world walk by sight and depend on the externals, but Christians walk by faith and depend on the eternals

( Wiersbe)  We have  the Spirit within us, the Savior above us, and the Word before us! What tremendous resources for peace!

( Hybels) Nobody before or since has faced  the responsibilites, duties, and pressures that Jesus bore

(Hybels) God grieves when we lie to ourselves in a vain attempt to explain away our unrighteousness by using projection, rationalization, comparisons, suppression, distraction, and escapism. None of these work and all of them will eventually break down and leave us exhausted, defeated, and feeling miserable

( Hybels) Don't kid yourself. You are addicted to unrighteousness and you can't break out of it by your own strength

( George MacDonald)
    What if God knows prayer to be the thing we need first and most?  What if the main object in God's idea of prayer is a supplying of our great, our endless need-- the need of Himself? Communion with God is the one need of the soul beyond all other needs. Prayer is the beginning of that communion, of talking with God, a coming-to-one with Him, which is the sole end of prayer, yea, of existence itself


( I Sam 12:21/The Message)  Don't chase after ghosts and gods. There's nothing to them. They can't help you

( Charles Stanley) Integrity leaves no grounds for accusation

( Stanley) When loneliness engulfs us, the first thing we must do is to turn our focus away from what we don't have to what we do have. What do we have? God Himself. You  can never be alone once you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You share with Him the most intimate relationship possible-- an eternal, spiritual intimacy. The depth of that intimacy, to a great extent, is up to you. He is always there, desiring to move ever closer to you. Intimacy with God is always  the highest priority for our lives

( Wiersbe)  It has often  been said that the one thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history

( Wiersbe) God is never taken by surprise

( Wiersbe) How many times in our life do we get what we asked for and then wish we didn't have it?

(Wiersbe) For God's people not to pray is to sin against the Lord. Yet, if there's one thing lacking in our churches today, it is prayer

(Wiersbe) Each ministry needs a Samuel to remind them of the spiritual principles that never change: the character of God, the Word of God, the necessity of faith, and the importance of obedience.

( Wiersbe) Methods are many, principles ae few
                  Methods may change, principles never do

As the old Youth for Christ slogan expressed it: " Geared to the times, anchored to the Rock "

( David McCasland) We can't undo yesterday, but we can act today to influence tomorrow. Don't let yesterday's failures bankrupt tomorrow's efforts

( Bill Hybels)  Faith is the bridge between God's omnipotence and our experience of His power in our lives

(Hybels) In Gethsemane, sadness had never known such darkness, the earth had never before tasted such bitter tears, and the air had never been pierced with more agaonizing groans, Jesus traveled regions of sadness that never had been trod before by anyone else

( Hybels) At God's core is an intrinsic gentleness that seeks to bear our burdens

( Charles Swindoll)  Recounts the story  about the young manager interviewing the older successful executive and asking him the secret to his success. The older man  said , " Making good decisions ". The younger man then ask him how he learned to make good decisions and he replied, " Experience . " The young man then asked how he  got experience and the older man replied           "  Making bad decisions"

( Hybels) It's sobering, it's shocking, it's almost beyond belief, but it is one hundred percent true: every one of our actions and attitudes affects God

( Hybels) God invites us to convert some of the energy generated by our righteous anger into transforming actions

( Charles Stanely) We obey Jesus  not by gritting our teeth and doing what we hate, but by depending on His power to enable us to do what our love for Him compels us to do. Willing obedience leads to an intimate relationship with God

( Adrian Rogers) Heaven is the presence of all that is good and the absence of all that is bad. It is all that the loving heart of God would desire, the consumate work of God's creative genius


(Warren Wiersbe) Victories won by faith bring glory to God because nobody can explain how they happened

( Dr. Bob Cook) If you can explain what's going on in your ministry, then God didn't do it

(Wiersbe)  Fear and faith can't live together for long in the same heart. Either fear will conquer faith and we'll quit or faith will conquer fear and we will triumph

( John Wesley) Give me a hundred men who fear nothing but sin and love nothing but God, and I will shake the gates of hell

( Wiersbe) We never know when God is testing us in some ordinary experience of life

( John Marsden) Make every occasion a great occasion, for you  can never tell when somebody may be taking your measure for a larger place

( Wiersbe)  Since the Scriptures don't tell us, we'd be wise not to read into a text some weighty spiritual lesson that God never put there

(Wiersbe) Some churches today are mesmerized by statistics and think they're strong because they are big and wealthy, but numbers are no guarantee of God's blessing

( Wiersbe) Some people have the idea that confident, courageous faith is a  kind of religious arrogance, but just the opposite is true

( Wiersbe) Before we can be successful warriors, we must first become sincere worshippers

( Wiersbe) The story of Gideon began with a man hiding in a winepress, but it ended with the enemy being slain at the winepress

( Wiersbe) God doesn't need large numbers to accomplish His purposes, nor does He need especially gifted leaders

( Wiersbe) When the church starts to depend on " bigness "--- big buildings, big crowds, big budgets--- then faith becomes misplaced, and God can't give His blessing. When leaders depend on their education, skills, and experience rather than on God, then God abandons them

( Wiersbe) Courage isn't necessarily the absence of fear, it is overcoming of fear by transforming it into power. There is a fear that paralyzes and a fear that energizes

( Andrew Bonar) Let us be as  watchful after the victory  as before the battle

( Our Daily Bread) Bite your tongue before your tongue bites you

( Bill Hybels) One of the msot energizing, encouraging, and awe-inspiring truths about God: His power is limitless and He wants to share  it with you liberally

( Hybels) God never has to ask permission. His unrestrained, indescribable, infinite power and abilities have no parameters

( Charles Swindoll) Providence is God making everyday events work for His uses. God is still sovereign in the twenty-first century. He will accomplish His purposes with or without our cooperation

Friday, July 29, 2011


( Vance Havner)  Because Moses was a man of faith, he was able to see the invisible, choose the imperishable, and do the impossible

(Warren Wiersbe)  Christians are either overcome because of their unbelief or overcomers because of their faith

( Charles Spurgeon) The promises of God shine brightest in the furnace of affliction

( Winston Churchhill) Speaking of the RAF in WW II : " Never in the  field of human conflict was so much owed to so few


( Classic bureaucratise talk) After the nuclear disaster in Japan, a Japanese government official was quoted as saying: "We have somewhat prevented the situation from turning worse. But the prospects are not improving in a straight line  and  we are expecting twists and turns "

( Charles Swindoll) Have you forgotten the great works God has done in your life? Perhaps your difficult circumstances  are overpowering your faith

( Adrian Rogers)  Moral earthquakes are caused by secret faults

( Ray Stedman) Jesus Christ has come to save us from our sins, not to help us comfortably accomodate ourselves to them

( Ray Stedman) A scandal erupts, then widespread disillusionment. People shake their heads in bewilderment and ask, " How could that happen so suddenly?  What caised this abrupt change in this person?  " I'm convinced that in almost every case, there was nothing sudden about their behavior. Long before the seemingly sudden moral implosion took place, there  was a long period of inner deterioration, gradual compromise, secret sin,  "  little sins". They took their toll, day by day, until a major moral collapse became inevitable

Thursday, July 28, 2011


( Bill Hybels) God knows. He is intimately acquainted with all your ways--- He doesn't watch you from a distance. No feeling, no hurt, no scar,no wound has ever escaped His notice. Not only does He know, He cares. You need never cry alone. Never

( Hybels)  Every secret act of character, conviction, and courage has been observed in living color by our omniscient God. You always  have an audience. In every activity and in every conversation God is present. You have not been working in vain

( Hybels) God's omniscience  can instill you with a supernatural confidence that can transform your life. If you grasp this, it will flood your spirit with a divine courage to face life's greatest challenges

( Hybels)  God's omnipresence means that wherever you are. God is right there, right now

( Hybels)  The most amazing news about Christianity: God compassionately yearns to be in a loving relationship with the people He created

( Hybels) Hypocrisy is born when we try to compartmentalize our lives

( Hybels) If we live our lives without an intense awareness of the omnipresence of God, we create one delusion after another. God does not hover over us to accuse us. He does it to improve our lives

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


( Warren Wiersbe) Too many Christians obey God only because of pressure on the outside, and not power on the inside

( Wiersbe) It is faith in  God's promises that  releases God's power

(Wiersbe) There is  a purpose to achieve, a power to receive, and a promise to believe

(Wiersbe)  In a very real sense all of us live  either in Phil 1:21 or Phil 2:21

( Wiersbe) Experience without teaching can lead to discouragement, and teaching without experience can lead to spiritual deadness. It takes both

(Wiersbe) What a tragedy it would be to go through life and not be a blessing to anyone

( Bill Hybels) Nothing is news to God. God never blinks

( Hybels) It is amazing how many people have shatterted self-esteem. It's frightening how many people are walking around with shattered spirits


( Bill Hybels)  I suspect the God I know is the God you're looking for. He's not the God of your nightmares. He's not the God of a screaming. overzealous evangelist. He's not the God who eagerly wants for failure so He can carry out His sentence of wrath with unbounded glee. On the contrary, He is a God who wants to be in a intimate relationship with you. He's the God who has orchestrated every event of your life to give you the best chance to get to know Him, so that you can experience the full measure of His love

( Phil 4:2/ Phillips translation) Learn to see things from other people's perspective

( Wiersbe) There can no joy in the life of a Christian who puts himself above others

( Andrew Murray) Humility is that grace which, when you know you have it, you have lost it

( Wiersbe) There is a difference between unity and uniformity. True spiritual unity comes  from within; it is a matter of the heart. Uniformity is the result of pressure from without

( Wiersbe)  Lucifer said " I will " but Jesus said " Thy will "

( Wiersbe) Others is the key word in the vocabulary of the Christian who experiences the submissive mind

( Wiersbe)  Christ  Incarnation: What grace. From heaven to earth, from glory to shame, from master to servant, from life to death

Christ's Incarnation was almost like  glorification in reverse

( J H Jowett ) Ministry that cost nothing accomplishes nothing

( Warren Wiersbe) The test of the submissive mind is not just how much we are willing to take in terms of suffering, but how much we are willing to give in terms of sacrifice

( Wiersbe )  When love is the motive, sacrifice is never measured or mentioned

( Wiersbe) Is it costing you anything to be a Christian?

( Wiersbe) To bow before Him now means salvation; to bow before Him at the Judgment means condemnation

( Mark Twain)  Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example

( Warren Wiersbe) The Chrtistian life is not a series of ups and downs. It is rather a process of " ins and outs ". God works in and we work out

( Wiersbe) We are not supposed to be " cheap imitations " of " great Christians"
We are to follow only what we see of Christ in their lives

( Wiersbe) Our God is a God of infinite variety. All of us must be like Christ, but we must be ourselves

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(Warren Wiersbe) There is a thin line between ministering and entertaining

( Jer 23:36/ The Living Bible) You are twisting my words and inventing             " messages from God " I didn't speak

(Charles Stanley)   If God call  a thing sin and declares He will judge it, don't listen to anyone who says He will bless it

( Charles Stanley)  The Word of God can burn through the toughest soul and smash through the  hardest heart

( A. Rogers) We don't change the message, the message changes us

(Warren Wiersbe)  No matter how dark the day may be, God sends the light of hope through His promises

( Wiersbe) Whenever a nation needs healing, it's usually because God's people aen't  serving  Him and obeying Him as they should

(Wiersbe) False teachers present a popular " theology" that  make it convenient for people to be religious and still live in sin

( Wiersbe) What we believe about God determines how we live

( Wiersbe) Whatever anyone  says  who claims to be speaking for the Lord must be tested by the Word of God

( Wiersbe) Signs of false prophets: disgraceful conduct.dishonest message, disrespectful attitude

( Our Daily Bread ) Everyone must face God as Savior or Judge

( Bill Hybels) If there was a big bang, who pulled the trigger?


( Warren Wiersbe) We do not fight for victory. We fight from victory

( Wiersbe)  We don't have to fail! Circumstances may discourage us, people may oppose or misunderstand us, but we have  in Christ the spiritual resources to win the battle: a clear conscience, a compassionate heart, and a conquering faith

(Our Daily Bread) The purpose of sharing God's truth is to profit others, not to prosper ourselves

(Samuel Davis) Had I a thousand lives, I would lose them all before I would betray a friend

Monday, July 25, 2011


(Warren Wiersbe) There is a big difference between hurting someone and harming them. Sometimes those who love us most must hurt us in order to keep us from harming ourselves. True discipline is an evidence of love

(Wiersbe) Church discipline is not a popular subject or a widespread practice. Too many churches "  sweep things  under the rug" instead of obeying the Scriptures and confronting the situation boldly by " speaking the truth in love"  " Peace at any price " is not a biblical principle, for there cannot be true spiritual peace without purity. Problems  that are " swept under the rug " have a way of multiplying and creating even worse problems later on. After all, discipline is as much a matter of obedience to the Lord as it is an obligation to a brother. When a church family assures a forgiven brother or sister  that their sin is forgotten and their fellowship restored, there is a sense of the Lord's presence that is wonderful to experience. Those times can be happy and holy hours. When timid church leaders try to " white wash " situations instead of facing them honestly, they are grieving the heart of the Lord. When there is an unforgiving spirit in a congregation because sin has not been dealt with in a biblical manner, it gives Satan a " beachhead " from which he can operate in the congregation. We grieve the Holy Spirit and " give place to the devil" when we harbor and unforgiving spirit ( Eph 4:27-32)
                                                                                                              Lou Gehrig still holds the record for hitting the most grand slam home runs

(Wiersbe) The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin so that we will confess it and turn to Christ for cleansing; but Satan accuses us of sin so that we will despair and give up

( Wiersbe)  Love puts others first, seeks to help others grow, and forgives and encourages

( Wiersbe) The believer can always be sure that God is working everything together for good, so long as we love Him and seek to obey His will ( Rom 8:28). This promise is not an excuse for carelessness, but it is an encouragement for confidence

Sunday, July 24, 2011


(Charles Stanley) The point of God's  or the church's  discipline is always restoration and renewal, not retribution and rejection. Sorrow has value only insofar as it moves someone to repentance and back into full fellowship

Saturday, July 23, 2011


(Paige Patterson)  Those who do not take the existence and activity of angels seriously have a problem with  the Scriptures

(Mart De Haan) Many broken hearts find comfort best in the silent presence of those who love them most

( John Wooden) Things turn out best for the people who make the best use of the way things turn out

(A. Rogers)  " What melts your butter? "  Pastor Rogers says he asks this question to people in an effort to determine what they are most passionate about.

( Brian Nelson)    You can know and not grow; you can't grow and not know

( Warren Wiersbe) We are never far from success when we permit Jesus to give the orders, and we are usually closer to success than we realize

(Wiersbe) Sin should be dealt with only to the extent that it is known-- Private sin should be confessed in private, public sin in public

(Wiersbe) It is dangerous to look at circumstances instead of looking to the Lord

(Wiersbe)  More problems are caused by confused saints than by lost sinners

( Our Daily Bread)  Being imperfect doesn't disqualify us from serving God, it just emphasizes our dependence on His mercy

( 2 Cor 2:7-8 / The Message) Now is the time to forgive this man and help him back on his feet. If all you do is pour on the guilt, you could very well drown him in it. My counsel now is to pour on the love

(  2 Cor 2:111/ The Message)  We don't want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief--- we're not oblivious to his sly ways

( Ray Stedman)  When Christianity becomes a set of do's and don'ts, it always become a deadly, stulifying, dangerous thing. At that point, it is no longer a living relationship with a loving Lord, but a grim determination to cross all the t's and dot all the i's of the law. These are demands upon the flesh , but without an accompanying dynamic to fulfill it. Legalism is a grim determination  to clench your fists and set your teeth to try to do what God demands--- that is not true Christianity


(Paige Patterson) Our planet earth is one of the smaller planets. It revolves around only an average-size sun in a relatively small solar system marooned as it is on the far edge of one of the millions of galaxies in a universe so immense  that we fathom part of it only by radio telescope and part of it--perhaps the larger part-- not at all. It may not be too much to suppose that all of this incredible, unexplored universe will yet have a purpose and a relationship to us that we do not appreciate. Of course, it is also possible that what we call            " heaven" is a realm that so far transcends the bounds of  the grandeur of the present cosmos as to render our universe inconsequential by comparison

(Patterson) Those who equate reverence with silence may have a surprise in heaven!

(Luke 12:15/The Living Bible) Real life and real living are not related to how rich we are

(Charles Stanley) True satisfaction in life flows out of fulfilling the purpose for which we were created and enjoying an intimate relationship with God. As a substitute for God, acquiring material excess only makes the heart feel  even more hollow

( A. Rogers) Most people today are just interested in making the  world a better place to go to hell from

( Philip Yancey) Of His words recorded in the Bible, Jesus has more to say on money than any other topic

( Our Daily Bread)  The real measure of our wealth is what will be ours in eternity

(Paige  Patterson) I can  only begin to comprehend heavenly worship. Imagine the whole church of God, the saved of all time, Old Testament  and New Testament saints, myriads of magnificant angels, musicians with  trumpets, harps, assorted other instruments, and in the midst the Lord Jesus arises from the throne. Moses, Elijah, Abraham, David, Paul, John, and  all others falls before Him in adoration. The blasts of the trumpets shake the foundations of hell, and the sweet strains of the consoling harps remind the saints that they are home. Shouts of alleluia and amen punctuate the crescendo of the heavenly choir, while angels shout in the background, : Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty." There are Jews and Arabs, with arms locked in an embrace of love. African-Americans and Anglo-Americans stand beside Japanese and Koreans. The common feature of gratitude to Christ for His saving grace has knit them all together. Millions now sing the song of Moses and the Lamb. Such a scene can only encourage those who have His holy name. We are moved to say with John, " Even so, come, Lord Jesus"

(Paige Patterson) The Gospel is true, regardless of its reception.  Most say they definitely intend to go to heaven, but most people will not go to heaven. That shocking observation is not popular these days, The supercilously , syrupy, sweet order  of today to which many have subscribed finds such a thought distasteful. Jesus declaration in Mt. 7:13-14 is in stark contrast to the  false confidence of  contemporary man. The only conclusion conceivable is that those who are blood- bought sinners whose names  are entered in the Book of Life are saved while  all others are forever excluded. This was not God's design for man. God is so gracious that He never coerces anyone to be the object of His affection . If there is a rejection  of His overtures, then the only option is the place called hell. Tragically, this is the destiny of most. To the lost, He is terrifying. To the redeemed, He is enthralling. To all He is awesome.

Friday, July 22, 2011


(W A Criswell) In heaven, our vision will be broadened, our appreciation deepened, and our understanding everlastingly expanded

(A.  Rogers)   You cannot truly celebrate Jesus without losing preoccupation with yourself. You cannot praise and sulk at the same time; you cannot praise and be irritated at the same time; you cannot praise and be filled with fear at the same time

( Rogers) You know, as I have studied the Bible, I have discovered an incredible thing. There is more emphasis in the Bible on praise than there is on prayer. Praise and prayer are so inextricably interwoven that you cannot really do one without the other. Learn to praise God. Make it a holy habit. Roll some of the groanings out of  prayers and shove in some hallilujahs and see what happens.

(Warren Wiersbe) God's work must be done in God's way to have God's blessing

(Wiersbe)  No amount of unity or enthusiasm can compensate for disobedience. When God's work is done in man's way, and we imitate the world instead of obeying the Word, we can never expect the blessing of God. The crowds may approve what we do, but what about the approval of God?

(Wiersbe) Often God's servants go quickly from the glory of the mountain to the shadow of the valley

(Paige Patterson)  Based on Mt. 7-21-23, it is possible to be orthodox but lost

(Patterson) Our service in heaven will be voluntary and spontaneous, arising doubtless from the gratitude to God in the hearts of the citizens of heaven. The tasks are not onerous but fulfilling. The challenges are stupendous but without possibility of failure


( 1991 Newsweek Magazine Poll ) At that time, 94 % said they believed in God, 77 % believed in heaven,  and 75 % rated their chances  of getting to heaven as good or excellent

The story is told of a little girl visiting in the countryside for the the first time and looking  up at the starry sky one night and saying to her mother, " Oh, mother, if heaven is this beautiful on the wrong side, what must it be like on the right side? "

( Dorothy Patterson) Heaven is a place prepared for those who are prepred for it

( Thomas More)  Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal

Thursday, July 21, 2011


(Charles Stanley) A Christian life devoid of joy is not only unbiblical, it is not worth having

(Stanley) Holiness is not a dour, grim-faced determination to do the religious things that drain all enjoyment out of life

(A.Rogers) Holiness is not the way to Christ. Christ is the way to holiness

( Warren Wiersbe) Because Christians are " strangers" in the world, they are considered to be " strange" in the eyes of the world

(Wiersbe) Peter is preeminenetly the apostle of hope, as Paul is the apostle of faith and John of love

(Wiersbe) When God permits His children to go through the furnace, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat. He will not permit us to suffer one minute too long. It has been said that the Eastern goldsmith kept the metal in the furnace until he could see his face reflected in it. So our Lord keeps us in the furnace of suffering until we reflect the glory and beauty of Jesus Christ

(Wiersbe)   The person who abandons his faith when the going gets tough is only proving that he really had no faith at all

(Wiersbe) It is encouraging to know that we are born for glory, kept for glory, and being prepared for glory

( Our Daily Bread) Those who bless God in their trials will be blessed by God through their trials

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(Prov 16:18/The Message)  First pride, then the crash- the bigger the ego, the harder the fall

(Prov 16:25/The Message) There is a way that looks harmless enough; look again--- it leads straight to hell

(Ray Stedman)   Said of Prov 16:25: " That verse is often quoted but seldom believed "

( Charles Stanley)  God does not exist for us; we exist for God

(A. Rogers) On Prov 16:9: " We set the sail, God makes the wind"

(Rogers) Humility is not thinking lowly of your self; it is not thinking of yourself

( Rogers)  Pride will do five things to ruin your life: it defies God, it defiles man, it divides society, it dishonors life,  and it destroys souls

(Rogers) Pride is a fist in the face of God . Pride populates hell. Pride ultimately destroys all that it controls

( Sim Kay Tee) The foolish person is controlled by a tongue that destroys, divides, and defrauds ( Prov. 16:27-29)

(David McCasland) Kind words may be free, but they give a priceless lift of spirit. Why not encourage someone today?  Do you look at people with the goal of commending them rather than finding fault or being critical?

( W A Criswell)  The gladness, the exaltation, the unspeakable ecstasy of God's filling your heart comes through the Holy Spirit

( Criswell) God never created us to die

( Charles Stanley) So long as we have Jesus, no situation is hopeless

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(W A Criswell)  In eternity, we shall continue developing and progresing. Our lives, talents, gifts, and abilities shall continue to develop throughout all the ages. We shall be permitted to finish tasks we have dreamed  of doing but had no opportunity or time or strength or ability to finish on earth. What a glorious assignment to study the Lord's infinite creation forever, to sit at the feet of the Creator Himself, and learn what God has done! Like Him, we shall also ascend out of the narrow, circumscribed valley of life into the infinitely broader expanse of the glory of God above us, beyond us and around us

(Cecil Rhodes ) His dying words: " So little done, so much to do, we shall continue in heaven"

(Criswell)  The injustices and inequities of this life plead for another recompensing creation. The moral law found not only in God but also deeply rooted in us, demands a vindication and adjustment after death

( Winston Churchill) Fanatics are those who can't change their mind and won't change the subject

( Proverbs 16:18/ The Message)  Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word

Monday, July 18, 2011


( W A Criswell ) What is a banquet to one who has no appetite? What is a music festival to one who has no hearing? What is the beauty and glory of the firmament to one who is blind? --- commenting of an unsaved person's inability to  enjoy heaven.

(Criswell)  On heasven: " We shall rest in God's grace and love and in the joy of our heavenly assignments. The very word rest implies the word labor. We shall work without weariness; we shall be refreshed after the labor of the day and of the century and even of the forever. We shall not be passive spectators, just observing; but we shall be  an active, vital part of the whole recreated kingdom of God. We shall have a service to render according to how God has made us
 and empowered us

(Criswell) For the Christian, when the shadow of this life is over, the real life begins there, in the land beyond. There is progress in the  pursuit of the purpose of God for us in the rich meaning of life on a higher level. What we have begun on earth, we shall consummate in heaven. Our traits, abilities, and personalities will be the same. I will be I; you will be you; we shall be we, only we will be redeemed and glorified

Sunday, July 17, 2011


(W A Criswell) The abode of God is in heaven. Our names are written in heaven, our citizenship is in heaven, our treasures are stored in heaven, and our eternal home is in heaven. In heaven, the city is illuminated with the presence of God Himself. He is the source of uncreated light. In heaven, intuitive knowledge will introduce us to everyone. We shall sit down and visit with the saints and have all eternity in which to enjoy their fellowship. There will be a joyous reunion with our saved loved ones.. The infinitely sad kiss of goodbye at the deathbed and the last longing glance upon the casket will be more than forgotten in the kiss of reunion and welcome at the gate of heaven

(Criswell) Angels were created by God, had a beginning, have personalities and the basic capacity to fellowhip with God, have intelligence, seek to learn, have emotions, watched the work of  creation, praise God, rejoice over salvations, have moral sensitivity, have power of choice and discernment, have been forever confirmed in the service of God forever, appeared more frequently in the book of the Revelation than in all the other books combined, have names, are given distinct assignments, are not alike, and  belong to separate orders

Saturday, July 16, 2011


(Charles Stanley)  None of us can long survive, let alone prosper, without the sincere prayers of others offered on our behalf. God has designed the Christian life as a community event, not as a solo endeavor

(Warren Wiersbe)  The  " modern "  version of Eph 6:1 would be, " Parents, obey your children for this will keep them happy and bring peace to the home "

(Wiersbe ) Life is not measured only by quantity of time. It is also measured by quality of experience

(Wiersbe)  Sin robs us; obedience always enriches us

( Wiersbe) The best way to be a witness on the job is to do a good day's work

(Wiersbe) Christianity knows nothing of  compartmentalizing life into sacred and secular

(Wiersbe)  The person who is  not under authority has no right to exercise authority. This explains why many of the great men of the Bible were first servants, befoe God made them rulers

(Wiersbe) The fruit of the Spirit is love and love is the greatest adhesive in the world

(Wiersbe)  Sooner or later every believer discovers that the Christian life is a battleground, not a playground

(Wiersbe) "  Society apart from God " is  a simple, but accurate, definition of     " the world "

(Wiersbe) As believers, we fight from victory, not for victory

(Wiersbe) We are wasting our time fighting people when we ought to be fighting the  devil who seeks to control people and make them oppose the work of God

(Wiersbe) Truth is the integrating force in the life of the victorious Christian. A man of integrity, with a clear conscience, can face the enemy without fear. The life we live either fortifies us against Satan's attacks or makes it easier for him to defeat us. Our positional righteousness in Christ, without practical righteousness in the daily life, only gives Satan opportunity to attack us

(Wiersbe)  The most victorious Christian is a witnessing Christian

( Wiersbe) It is too bad that many Christians have the idea that the intellect is not important, when in reality, it plays a vital role in Christian growth, service, and victory

(Wiersbe) Satan can quote the Word, but he does not quote it completely.         "  You can prove anything  by the Bible , "  someone has said. True--- if you take verses out of context, leave out words, and apply verses to Christians today that do not really apply

(Wiersbe) We are never out of Satan's reach, so we must never  be without the whole armor of God

( Wiersbe) Prayer is the power for victory

(Wiersbe)  We should never have to say when we pray, " Lord, we come tinto They presence, " because we have never left His presence

(Wiersbe) Praise changes  things as much as prayer changes things

( Wiersbe) The Bible formula is that we pray  to the Father through the Son in the Spirit

(Robert Law )  Prayer is not getting man's will done in heaven; it is getting God's will done on earth

(Wiersbe) Most of us quit praying just before God is about to give the victory.
Keep on praying until the Spirit stops you or the Father answers you

(Wiersbe) If my prayers help  other believers defeat Satan, then that victory will help me too

(Wiersbe) There is nothing wrong with  memorials provided they don't become religious idols that turn our hearts from God, and provided they don't so link us to the past that we fail to serve the Lord in the present. Glorifying the past is a good way to petrify the present and rob the church of power. The next generations need reminders of what God has done in history, but these reminders must also strengthen their faith and draw them closer to the Lord


( James Dobson)  Bitterness will destroy a person spiritually, emotionally, physically----it is a sickness of the soul

(Dobson) It is so important to understand that God's value system  is entirely different from our own--and His is correct

(Dobson) Speaking on our misunderstanding of  the concept of time: " Our journey here has the illusion of permanence about it. In truth, we are just passing through. If we fully comprehended the brevity of life, the things that frustrate us--- including most of those occasions when God doesn't seem to be making sense--- wouldn't matter so much. It is a matter of getting everything
into proper perspective so that we can see the impermanence of everything that now looks so stable. Nothing last very long. And we are the ones who are passing through on our way to another life of far greater significance. This is the hope of  the ages and the ultimate answer to those who suffer and struggle today

(C. Stanley)  How can I deal effectively with jealousy?  (1) Confess your jealousy  (2) realize that you disagree with God  (3) Thank God for what He is doing in that person's life  (4) Ask God to place love in your heart for the other person (5) Keep your focus on God alone

(A. Rogers)  We are too blessed to be stressed. The first thing you can say about worry is that it's useless. Worry will do to you the same thing that sand  will do to machinery. It will take the blue out of your sky and the joy out of your heart. Most tragic of all, it is insulting to God. Worry is a way of saying, " God, you are not able to  provide for me "

( Corrie Ten Boom)  Look around, you'll be distressed. Look within, you'll be depressed. Look to the Lord, you'll be at rest

(Warren Wiersbe) Commenting on Ps 37: "  Like any mature believer who has been  through his own share of suffering, David took the long view of the situation and evaluated the immediate and the transient in terms of the ultimate and the eternal

(Wiersbe) To enjoy the blessings and ignore the Blesser is to practice idolatry

(Wiersbe)  If we truly delight in the Lord, then the chief desire of our heart will be  to know Him better so we can delight in Him even more

(Wiersbe)  Creative silence is  a rare commodity today, even in church worship services

( Wiersbe) God's Word in the heart is the secret of a holy life

(Wiersbe) The key question isn't what people look like or what they possess, but what is their final end?

( David Roper) Our wrath tends to be vindictive and punitive. God's wrath is untainted by self-interest and tempered with mercy

( Our Daily Bread) Revenge restrained is a  victory gained

( Ephesians 6:10/ J B Phillips)  Be forewarned and forearmed in your spiritual conflict

Know what you stand for and stand for what you know

(Ray Stedman) My own devotional life was revolutionized when it dawned on me that the Lord Jesus was looking forward to our time together. If I missed our time together, He was disappointed. I realized that not only was I receiving  from Him , but that He was receiving from me, and that He longed and yearned for me. When I met the Lord after that, it was with a new sense that He loved me  and delighted in our times of fellowship

( Ray Stedman ) Concluding thought on Eph 6: " So don't lose heart. There is a battle on  and you are on the winning side "


(James Dobson) God will not parade His plans and purposes for our appraisal. We must never forget that He is God. As such, He wants us to believe and trust in Him despite the things we don't understand. It's that straight forward

(Dobson) Every person who ever lived, I submit, has had to deal with seeming contradictions and enigmas. You will not be the exception

Friday, July 15, 2011


(Dennis De Haan)

     We give to others what they need
     No greater help and care
     Than when we intercede for them
     And bear them up in prayer

(Randy Kilgore) Do our lives mark us  as  a " go-to  person" in touch with God?

(James Dobson) God's heart is especially tender toward the downtrodden and the defeated. He knows your name and He has seen every tear you have shed. He was there on the occasions when life took a wrong turn and what appears to be divine disinterest or cruelity is a misunderstanding at best and a satanic lie at worst. How do I know this is true? Because the Scriptures emphatically tell us so. If you could fully comprehend how deeply you are loved, you would never feel lonely again

Thursday, July 14, 2011


(James Dobson) We must remember that God will not ride roughshod over the will of any individual. He deals respectfully with each person and seeks to attract him or her to Himself

(Dobson) There is a continuiing spiritual battle under way for the souls of the lost, and your prayers are vital in winning the struggle

(Dobson)  If it were possible for humans to employ one hundred percent of their brain power, we would still have peanut- brains compared with the  wisdom and omnipotence of the Almighty

(Dobson) Our lives literally hang by a thread even when we are oblivious to a particular danger. Does it not seem wise, given what is at stake, for  us to bathe every day and every activity in prayer?

(Daniel 9:27/ The Message)  " But in God's time and plan"

(Ray Stedman)  More battles have occurred in the land of Israel than in any other spot on the face of the earth

(C. Stanley) We bring our prayers to God on the basis of who He is, not on the basis of who we are or what we have done

(A. Rogers) Commenting on Daniel chpt. 9:  The prophecy speaks of a people, a place, a purpose and a program. There is coming a consummation. God puts everything into action and He is going to bring everything to conclusion. Friend, if every detail of this scripture thus far has been fulfilled, you can bank on the rest of it

(James Dobson)  Our message  boils down to this very simple understanding: There is nothing the Lord wants of us more than the exercise of our faith. He will do nothing to undermine it and we cannot please Him without it

(A Rogers )  tells the story of the lady in a local church who was upset about a church dispute and told the pastor on the way out after the service, " If Christ  were here today, He'd roll over in His grave "

( A. Rogers) Describing difficulty getting up some mornings : " I couldn't get the bed off my back "

( Bible Knowledge Commentary) On Luke 7:48-50)  The woman was not forgiven because she loved; rather, she was loved because she was forgiven

( Warren Wiersbe) Grace is love that pays a price, and that price was the death of the Son of God on the cross

(Wiersbe)  The miracle of salvation has to be the greatest miracle of all, for it meets the greatest need, brings the greatest results ( and they last forever), and cost the greatest price

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


(Joe Stowell) True wealth is not measured by what you have but by who you are in Christ.The poorest person is he whose only wealth is money

(C S Lewis)  There are no ordinary people

(James Dobson) Much of the heartache for which God is blamed results from old fashioned sin--- specific sinful behavior that wreaks havoc in the human family

More Americans were killed in the Civil War then in all other conflicts from the Revolutionary War to Viet Nam

(James Dobson)  The number of abortions performed since Roe v. Wade represents more than ten percent of the US population and grows by over four thousand per day. Such bloodshed and butchery, now occurring worldwide, is unprecedented in human history, yet we've only seen the beginning. Don't tell me this crime against humanity will go unpunished. Those voiceless little people cry out to the Almighty from the incinerators and the garbage heaps where they have been discarded. Someday, this "unborn holocaust" will rain death and destruction upon our nation. Just wait. You'll see. It is the nature of the universe. Sin inevitably devastates a people who embarce it

(James Dobson) It has been said that  never in history has a culture rejected its primary system of values more quickly than America in the late 1960's and early 1970's

(Joseph Fletcher)  Advocating philosophy of situational ethics: " There are always  circumstances in which absolute principles of behavior break down. The only valid ethical test is what God's love demands in each particualr situation"

(12-13-71 Time Magazine article entitled  " The new commandment--thou shalt not-maybe ") " Against the traditional concept that God wants men to conform to a  fixed divine design, the new morality states its case as the idea that God would prefer men to make their own responsible decisions "

(James Dobson) Commenting on  the philosophy of situational ethics:" What a perversion of the biblical standard! Nowhere in the Scriptures is there the slightest indication that God wants us to make up our own rules. Now, more than two decades later, we find that the radical ideas introduced in 1971 are widely adopted in society

(Our Daily Bread)  The resurrection of Christ is the Father's Amen!  to the Son's " It is finished"

(James Dobson) A new day has dawned! But before the celebration hits a fever pitch, it seems appropriate that we ask how  " the new morality "  has worked out so far. What have been the consequences?

( James Dobson) In 1992 the divorce rate in America was the highest in the civilized world

(Dobson) Can anyone doubt that sexual liberation has been a social, spiritual, psychologival a physiological disaster?

(James Dobson) It all comes down to this simple concept: God is not against us for our sins. He is for us against our sins. That makes all the difference

(James Dobson) It is my belief that more people have become disillusioned with God over the waywardness of a son or daughter than any other issue.

(Benjamin Franklin) Be slow in choosing friends;  be even slower in changing friends

(A. Rogers) A real friend is selfless, stedfast, sanctifying, and willing to sacrifice

(James Dobson) Our prayers  unleash the power of God in the life of another individual

(James Dobson) We have the privilege to pray for generations yet born, to talk to the Lord about people not yet conceived


(James Dobson)  Let's bring the adversity principle closer to home. How does it apply to you and me? Could it be that our Heavenly Father permits His children to struggle in order to keep us strong? I firmly believe that to be true.

(Dobson) If  you want to know what a person is made of, grant him a high degree of social status and admiration. His character will soon be apparent for all to see

(Dobson) The Christian life was never intended to be a stroll through a rose garden. The idyllic existence ended when Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden

(Dobson) Let me take on more shot at the Christian writers and spekers who promote the expectation of ease in the Christian walk. They would have us believe that the followers of Christ do not experience the trials and frustrations that pagans go through. Some of them appear so anxious to tell us what we want to hear that they distort the truths expressed in the Word. They would have us believe that the Lord rushes into action the instant we face a hardship, eliminating ever discomfort or need. Well, sometimes He does just that. At other times, He doesn't. Either way, He is there and has our lives in perfect control

(Dobson) There is a reason why the great hymns of the church have endured, in some cases for hundreds of years.. They are based not on words tht tickle our ears, but on solid, theological truths

(Ray Stedman) Our challenge and our  task is to make sure that we live as Philadelphia Christians even in this Laodicean age

(A. Rogers) Lukewarm Christians are the alibi of sinners

(Bible Knowledge Commentary)  The letter to Sardis is a searching message to churches today that are full of  activity and housed in beeautiful buildings but are often lacking in evidence of eternal life, The church in Philadelphia received no rebuke from Christ. The church in Laodicea received no commendation. The church at Laodicea is  typical of a modern church that is quite unconscious of its spiritual needs and  is content with beautiful buildings and all the material  things money can buy. This is a searching and penetrating message.The letters to the seven churches are a remarkably,  complete treatment of problems that face the church today. The recurring dangers of losing their first love ( Rev 2:4), of being afraid of suffering (2:10),  doctrinal defection( 2:14-15), moral departure (2:20), spiritual deadness (3:1-2), not holding fast(3:11), and lukewarmness (3:15-16) are just as prevalent today as they were in first-century churches. Because these letters come from Christ personally, they take on significance as God's final word of exhortation to the church down through the centuries. The final appeal is to all individuals who will hear. People in churches would do well to listen


(Bible Knowledge Commentary)  The restoration of Job's wealth was a token of God's grace, not an obligation of His justice. God, in His sovereignty, can give or hold back blessings in accord with His purposes

(Bible Knowledge Commentary) Misfortune does not mean God has forsaken His own. It does mean He has plans that a sufferer may know nothing about. A believer's unexplained tragedy may never be fully understood. Yet he can realize that God is in charge and that God still loves and cares for him

(Bible Knowledge Commentary) On Job:" God had two purposes: (1) demonstrating that Satan's allegations were false and  (2) developing Job's spiritual insight. Therefore to attack God, to malign Him, challenge  Him, accuse Him, bait Him, or try to corner God are all out of the question for a believer. To criticize God's wisdom only shows our own ignorance. The chasm between God and man leaves no room for pride and self-sufficiency. Job did not receive explanations regarding his problems; but he did come to a much deeper sense of God's majesty and loving care. Thus, he came to trust Him more fully. Though often inexplicable and mysterious, God's plans are benevolent and beneficial

(Our Daily Bread) What's better than answers to one's  " why " questions? Trusting a good God who has His reasons

Monday, July 11, 2011


(Ray Stedman) The book of Job is the story of a genuine,dynamic relationship between two friends, a story of a relationship filled with pain and anger as well as delight and joy. God, however, never lets go of Job, and Job never let go of God. The relationship emerges stronger than ever because of the suffering that Job endures. It is a relationship that produces change and growth in Job. The lesson of Job is that suffering may seem purposeless, yet testing perfects us and reveals the gold of God's character within us

(A. Rogers)  To rejoice is a choice

(Charles Stanley)  We have the situation completely backward anytime we start expecting God to trust us to know what is right and to obey our commands so that He might prove His love for us. Our response should be simply, " I trust you completely to meet my needs, in your timing and according to your methods"

(Stanley) Life is seldom a sustained march in a single direction

(A.  Rogers) Job didn't find a reason. What Job found was a relationship. Job didn't get information. What he discovered was a sovereign God. Friend, can you say, in times of adversity and perplexity, that there is a sovereign God who can do as He will? When you don't have answers, do you still trust Him?

(Bible Knowledge Commentary) Job's personal confrontation with God silenced his arguing  and deepened his awe. Having  gained insight into God's ways and character--His creative power and genius, Hus sovereign control, and His providential love and care-- Job confessed his own unworthiness. Having previously grieved over his losses, he now grieved over his sin. Now Job was willing to trust the sovereign God, whose ways are perfect even when he could not understand them. Never once has Job's friends prayed. But now Job, whom they had condemned and badgered, and who had rejected their counsel, was to intercede for them. What an amazing irony! Repentance, which they had recommended  for Job, was now what they had to do. Job had longed for a mediator between himself and God, but ironically he himself became a mediator for hsi friends, even though they did not ask for one


(The Message. Job 42:6) I'll never again live on crusts o hersay and crumbs of rumor

(Ray Stedman)  Commenting on Job: " Ultimately, we must accept the fact that God does not exist for people, but people exist for God. We are God's instruments, and we exist to carry out His purposes, some of which are so complicated and transcendent that we are hopelessly incapable of comprehending


(Solzhenitsyn) In a famous speech delivered at Harvard in 1973, he referred to the softness that permeated the democracies. He said it was apparent to him that western nations were not as stable and secure as they appeared and stated that  telltale signs of social distintegration were evident in the culture. He referred specifically to lawless behavior and the absence of great statemen and concluded by saying,"  The smooth surface film must be very thin, because the social system is quite unstable and unhealthy" If these were his conclusions in 1973, what would he  say now?

(James Dobson) American culture appears to be cooking along just below the simmer point. Very little is required to boil it over. It would  appear, indeed, that prosperity is a greater test of character  than is adversity. Does this principle operate within a Christian context as well? There's no doubt about it.

(Hollie Miller)  Principles of sexual purity:(1) Sex is sacred (2) God is holy;I am weak (3)  God is not trying to keep sex from you but for you (4) What the culture condones, God condemns (5) Final word of advice to husbands- give your wife you PC password

Pastor Steve Craft: " People come to my office saying they struggle with self-esteem. I say,"  I know, I know it's too high. Let me see if I can help you with that"

( Source unknown) God brings us into deep waters not to drown us, but to cleanse us. God never drowns His children

Saturday, July 9, 2011


(Charles Stanley)  God remains active in our lives even when it feels as though He has fallen silent

(A. Rogers) The Bible doesn't talk about making  "decisions " , it says to go and make desciples. If you want to know whether anything real and lasting and holy has been accomplished, don't count decisions, count desciples. Come back later and see if anyone is following the Lord Jesus Christ

(A Rogers) If you please Jesus, it doesn't matter whom you displease, and if you displease Jesus, it doesn't matter whom you please

(A Rogers) Principles of descipleship: There is a Person to please, a price to pay, a Person to pursue, and a prize to possess

(James Dobson) I am still awestruck by the unbelievable dimensions of God's creation. How does one grasp the meaning of a visible universe that is at least thirty billion light years across and composed of perhaps one hundred billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars? After exploring what the Creator has done and how He continues to control the vast reaches of the cosmos, I find it easy to trust Him with the concerns of my life. Somehow, it seems like He just might be able to handle them

(Dr. Stephen Hawking)  When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have ( comment he made after being  told he had terminal ALS disease) . If you're disabled, you should pour your energies into those areas where you are not. You  can do well and not mourn over what you cannot do. And it's very important not to give into self-pity. A physically handicapped person certainly cannot afford to be psychologically handicapped as well

( James Dobson) An individual in crisis will either grow stronger or become demoralized. Within certain limits, of course, adversity can have a positive effect on people by helping them to build character. I call this the adversity principle. As strange as it seems, habitual well-being is not advantageous to a species. An existence without challenge takes it's toll on virtually every living thing. It is accurate to say that hard times often lead to emotional and physical toughness. Therefore the opposite must be also be valid. And, indeed, it is. Easy living and abundance often produce a certain underlying weakness


(The Bible Knowledge Commentary)  The Sermon on the Mount showed how a person who is in a right relationship with God should conduct his life. It did not give a " constitution for the kingdom" nor did it present the way of salvation. While the passage must be understood in the light of the offer of the messianic kingdom, the sermon applies to Jesus' followers today for it demonstrates the standard or righteousness God demands of His people. He did not lower His standard to accomodate human beings. Instead, He set forth His absolute holiness as the standard.Though this standard can never be  perfectly met by man himself, a person who by faith trust in God enjoys God's righteousness  being reproduced in his life

( James Dobson ) I  have no doubt that miracles still occur every day, although I am suspicious of people who attempt to market them on demand

( James Dobson) Clearly God has  plans and purposes to which we are not privy. As long as what  happens to me is within the perfect will of the Father, I have no reason to fear-even  if it costs me my life

(Dobson) Nothing is ever lost entirely. God uses every happening to accomplish His divine purposes. Romans 8:28 must be interpreted from the eternal perspective, rather than a temporal, earthbound point of view

( C. Swindoll) Fear not is the most frequently given command in the Bible

Friday, July 8, 2011


(James Dobson) Faith requires  us to depend on God to keep His promises, even when proof is not provided. It is continuiing to believe even when the evidence points in the opposite direction

(Mark Twain) Life is just  one damn thing after another

(Dobson) When our faith is anchored on the unchanging, everlasting God, whose promises never fail and whose love is all encompassing, our joy and hope can be steady as the sunrise even when the happenings around us are transitioning from wonderful to tragic

(Source unknown)  Hope: of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything

(A. Rogers) Every kick has a kickback. The devil has no happy old people

(Rogers) As dangerous as hardening of the arteries is to the heart, hardening of attitudes is even more dangerous

(Rogers) Joy in the heart should show in your face. Joy is to be sought, seen, and shared. Joy is the miracle medicine

Adrian Rogers tells the story of seeing a bumper sticker that said,"Smile if you love Jesus" "  He purposely pulled up beside the driver of the car and said she had the look on her face as though she was having a gall bladder attack. He thought to himself, " She should taje that sticker off her bumper and put it on her dashboard"

(Source unknown)  Better to be a " has been" than a " never was"

Selected paraphrases form Mt. 5t of The Message:

V. 11: What it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and they are uncomfortable
v. 18: Long after the stars have burned out and the earth wears out, God's law will be alive and working
v. 22"The simple moral fact is that words kill
v. 29: Your heart can be corrupted even quicker than your body
v. 33: You can't use legal cover to mask a moral failure
Another way of stating , " You have heard it was said, but I say unto you": Here's another old saying that deserves a second look
v. 48: In a word, what I'm saying is, grow up. You're kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you

Ray Stedman summarizes Mr 5:1-12 as the beatitudes and Mt 5:13-16 as the similitudes

( Ray Stedman) On Mt chpts 5-7: The presentation of the king and the laws of the kingdom...This is one of the most penetrating and incisive messages ever set before human beings, and it approaches us on the level of our ordinary, physical lives

(Charles Stanley) Jesus made it clear that God is not after outward complaince but inward change

( Charles Stanley) On Mt 5:44: Loving the unlovable means forgiving the offender,seeking to underststand before seeking to be understood, and speaking with noncombative yet truthful words

Adrian Rogers  called Mt 5:41 the principle, the practice, and the power for walking the miracle mile-doing more than is required in contrast to the Pharisees who practiced minimum morality and a loveless legalsim

Thursday, July 7, 2011


(James Dobson) Those who would give glib answers to the awesome questions of human suffering have probably not spent much time thinking  about it. We can explore the mind of God only so far, and then,inevitably, we run out of brain power. His thoughts are not only unknown to us--they are largely unknowable. He has never made Himself accountable to man, nor will He ever. He will not be crossexamined or interogated. Nowhere in the Bible does God speak defensively or seek our approval on His actions. He simply says, " Trust me". Inevitably, you see, we circle back to the necessity of faith. Only one conclusion can be drawn: God will do what is best, and we must continue to trust Him, regardless of the outcome

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


(Elizabeth Elliott) Heaven is not here, it's there.If we were given all we wanted here, our hearts would settle for this world rather tahn the next. We would succomb to the temptation to complacently settle for visible things. God is forever lifting us up and away from this world, wooing us to Himself amd His still invisible kingdom where we will certainly find what we so keenly long for

(James Dobson) Unfortunately . there are a few highly visible Christian ministers who confuse people by teaching them there is no need for perseverance or self-control. It is a dangerous misrepresentation of Scripture with far-reaching implications for the uninitiated. It's not that God can't heal the blind-or any other disease or deformity. He can and He does. But, to my knowledge, He never performs these miraacles in masses. There is often a disturbing hysteria or a circus atmosphere in the healing srervices. Such mass-produced  "miracles" affront the sovereignty of God and make a sham of His holy worship. The teaching of universal health and prosperity establishes a  level of expectations which will eventually wound and weaken unstable Christians. What are they to believe when they discover " life as it is" turns out to be different than " life as it is supposed to be ? " Thee disappointments serve to isolate that individual from God at precisely the moment when his/her spiritual need is the greatest. I believe it is a ploy of Satan to undermine  the faith of the vulnerable. And it begins with a theological distortion that promises a stress-free life and a God who always does what He is told


((Adrian Rogers) Money talks- it say's " goodbye"

(Rogers)  If you want to know your true wealth, add up the things money can't buy and death can't take away

(Rogers)  Your true prosperity is your posterity

(Jim Conway) I don't know how all this fits together. I don't understand the reasons for it. I'm not going to ask for an explanation. I've chosen to accept the fact that you are God and I'm the servant instead of the other way around and there I have left it. I have come to recognize that God has a higher purpose and I just don't understand that purpose. It's either despair, or it's the acceptance of His sovereignty. Those are the alternatives. There is no in between

(Psalm 103:17/ The Message) God's love is ever and always eternally present

(A. Rogers) To know about God is to know only His works; to know Him is to know His ways

(Our Daily Bread) Adding up your blessings will multiply your joy

(J. Allen Blair) How can it be that the door is always open, and so many fail to enter in and enjoy the marvelous opportunity of daily prayer?

( Blair) God will always answer prayer, but only in a way that will be for His glory and our good. True prayer is not an effort to enlist the will of God on the side of our desires;rather , to bring our desires into conformity with His will. God frequently finds it necessary to answer our prayers by doing a work in our hearts rather than  by giving us the the things for which we are praying. He molds our desires so that they will harmonize with His divine plan. The more we grow in God's grace, the more our praying will become Christ-centered rather than self-centered. We will want only what the Lord wants for us. Effectual praying is Christ-centered praying

(Adrian Rogers) God answers our prayers in  one of four ways: directly, differently, delayed ( seemingly  by our time schedule) , or denied

(J. Allen Blair) "Neverless not my will be done, but Thy will be done ". To fail at this point is to fail to pray as we ought. No matter how important or seemingly needful that for which we are praying may seem to us, if it is not in accord with the holy will of God, it can never be that which is right and best for us. Don't limit the power of God by not praying as we should. Consider what kind of world it would be if God did exactly what we demanded in every instance. The entire basis for the God-man  relationship would be undermined

(James Dobson) God must be--He will be -- the determiner of what is in our best interest. We can't see the future. We don't see His plan. We perceive only the small picture, and not even that very clearly. Given this limitation, it seems incredibly arrogant to tell God what to do -- rather than making our needs known to God-- and then yielding to His divine purposes. When will we ever learn that His strength has always been, is, and always be made perfect in our weaknesses? Moses was chosen for leadership, not because he was a miracle-worker or a superman, but because the Lord determined to use his inadequacies and his shortcomings. Each of us is riddled with flaws and shortcomings that God could overcome with a whisper. Instead , He often lets us struggle with our weaknesses to reveal His own power. Commenting on 2 Cor 12:9: " If I may paraphrase my understanding of this passage, He says to us, everyone is asked to endure some things that bring discomfort, pain, and/or sorrow. This is yours to accept. Accept it. Carry it. I will give you the grace to endure it" Thus, life goes on in a state of relative imperfection.


(James Dobson) There are purposes you cannot perceive or comprehend. You may never understand---at least not int this life---but you must not let go of your faith. It is, after all, " the evidence of things not seen"

(Dobson) Describing the components of " faith under fire" : A very troubling event, an element of injustice or unfairness( why me? why this? why now?), a seemingly silent God who could have intervened but didn't, and a million similar  questions. Have you ever been there?"

(Jim Conway) When it comes  to bearing one another's burdens, the secular world sometimes does that better tahn we do. They know the importance of letting resentment and anger spill out, whereas Christians feel they have to hold it inside. Sometimes we get so used  to the " cheer up " mode in Christianity that we become unreal

Monday, July 4, 2011


(James Dobson) If we truly understood the majesty of the Lord and the depth of His love for us, we would certainly accept those times when He defies human logic and sensibilities. Indeed, that is what we must do. Any other approach is foolhardy

(A Rogers) When you sin, does it break your heart that you've broken God's heart?

(Rogers) The Holy Spirit will expose sin in your life. Satan will exploit sin in your life. When we uncover our sin, God will cover our sin so we are not haunted by the ghost of unconfessed sin. When we try to cover our sin, the Holy Spirit will uncover it

(Rogers) We like to sin retail and confess wholesale

(Source unknown) Many sew wild oats and then hope and pray for a crop failure

(Rogers) Often repentance born in the storm dies in the calm

(D L Moody)  The Word of God will keep you from sin or  sin will keep you from the Word of God

(James Dobson) God is never boxed in by human limitations. God can transcend reason and factual evidence. Moments will come in your life when the facts will lead to despair . At those times God seems to contradict Himself and no satisfactory explanation is forthcoming. The particular nature of the confusion varies from person to person, but a crisis of some dimension is inevitable, The question is how will we deal with it when it comes. Faith never goes unchallenged for long. If we prepare now for the experience, I believe we can steel ourselves against the assault of that hour


(James Dobson)  In retrospect, commenting on  what he perceived as an             " unanswered prayer" : "Ultimately, I realized that it would have been most unfortunate if the Lord had granted my request in that instance. He loved me enough to turn me down even when   I  was demanding my own way. Others have  also lived lived to regret what they asked for or to whisper ever so quietly, " Thank you Lord for not answering that prayer"

(Dobson) Admittedly, most of our spiritual frustrations over " unanswered" prayers do not end with an  enlightened, " Oh, now I see what you were doing, Lord!". We just have to file them under  the heading "Things I don't understand", and leave it there. In those instances, we should be thankful that He does what is best for us whether or not it contradicts our wishes. Even a reasonably good parent sometimes says  " no  " to a child's demands.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


(James Dobson) Your arms are too short to box with God. Don't try it. The human intellectual apparatus is pitifully ill-equipped to argue with the Creator. New agers don't agree. How preposterous!  We human beings hardly qualify as gods-even piddly ones. Despite our intense efforts to understand ourselves, we have learned very little about living together harmoniously or even what makes us tick

(Dobson ) Peace is what we call that brief moment between wars when people stop to reload

(Dobson) The best-trained and most respected secular psychologists and psychiatrists still believe that man is basically good----that he only learns to do evil from society. Thus the most basic characteristic of human nature has been overlooked by those specifically trained to observe it

(Dobson) Errors riddle much of what we think and believe. Many scientific text books of one hundred years ago seem like joke books today. Most of what was believed in ages past was palpably wrong.

(C. Swindoll) Spiritual erosion is slow, silent, and subtle

Secret sin is an oxymoron

(Swindoll) How easy it is to traffic in unlived truth

(James Dobson) If human intelligence and perception are undependable in assessing everyday reality, how much less capable is it of evaluating the unfathonable God of the universe. The arrogance of mankind in ignoring or challenging the wisdom of the Almighty is shocking at times

Saturday, July 2, 2011


(Robison) Servanthood is the key to genuine spiritual success and significance. At no other time than when we serve others does our meaning and purpose in life become more clear and more Christ-like. Real success is measured by the degree you care and share. Servanthood should be a  life-long attitude, not just a temporary response to a crisis .  Mercy is not something we intend; it is something we extend. Servanthood is a function of mercy.It stems from a genuine desire to seek the best for others, to put their interests before our own, and to exercise authentic love

(Robison) Faith in God transcends self-interest and self-fulfillment. Faith in faith descends into self-reliance and self-assurance. 
                                                                                                                        (Robison) The sad fact is that great " success" brings the greatest temptations and battles one can imagine. Look at how many have failed after gaining so much. Muhammed Ali stated a few years ago,  " I had the world in my hands and it was nothin' "  Few things  can destroy a person as quickly as the pressures and temptations that often accompany great " success"  Just look at the athletes,entertainers, business people, politicians, and sadly, even ministers. All were " successful" in their public life, but failures in their privte and personal lives.
                                                                                                                        ( Robison) The Christian has nothing to prove, only Someone to please

(Robison) Our culture teaches us from our earliest days to look out for # 1, to pamper ourselves,  and to encourage self-actualization, self-awareness, and self-esteem. As a result, we have become self-absorbed, self-concerned, and self-consumed. We have also become supremely unhappy and unfulfilled.. The whole of history contradicts our society's emphasis on self-and self- satisfaction

(Paul Kellerman)  The only path to genuine happiness and fulfillment is through service to others. It is only as we give ourselves away that we can truly discover ourselves

(Robison) Early in America's history, the church had cultural auntenticity it had earned by serving

(Robison) It is sad to note that political activists did  far more to secure civil rights for minorities than did the church

(Ron Schumann) The old  adage that  "  time heals all wounds"  is a myth. Time does not heal grief; it simply spreads the loss across time

(Charles Stanley) Disappointments are inevitable; discouragement is a choice

(A. Rogers)  The most glorious fact in the universe is that men may know God personally. The saddest fact is that so few have availed themselves of this opportunity

(Our Daily Bread) No one is hopeless whose hope is in God

(James Robison) When Christ stated that " the greatest among you shall be your servant", He did not mean greatest in recognition, appreciation, or admiration. He meant great in impact and effectiveness for eternity. Only by the legacy we leave can the true impact of our lives be guaged

( Robison) Speaking of William Wilberforce: " He was a non-conformist in a day of enforced conformity. He was a genuine reformer and a man of unswerving principle in a day of blatant compromise "

(Thomas Chalmers)  Speaking of William Wilberforce: "  He was one of those who had the  knack of losing every battle on his way to winning the war"

(Dolly Madison) Love doubles our joy and halves our grief

(James Robison) Genuine love is innately sacrificial, sees the opportunities, not the obstacles, is tenaciously persistent and boldly active , cannot be faked, has a certain air of authenticity about it, and does not  give in when the going gets tough

( Robison) In the end, the worst that evil can do is no match for the best that love in action can accomplish

(Robison) We must be clear about the identity of the enemy. It is not the people;it is the force of evil that holds them in bondage

(Robison) For all intents and purposes, Saul was a Middle Eastern terrorist who thought he was doing God a service by trying to destroy everything and everyone connected with the church of Jesus Christ. In the name of religion, he was filled with hatred. He watched approvingly as an innocent man was stoned to death. If we want to break the power of evil in this world, it's going to take a Stephen-like commitment to love other people. The difference  between mere religion and  genuine faith in God is our undeniable expression of love

(Robison) God has never given us an assignment without the resources to fulfill it

(Robison) Commenting on what Chinese interpreters told staff of Life Outreach International about the government's assessment of their ministry: " What Chinese leaders were saying was that these people are strange. They're not typical capitalists from the West. These people love us, they love our people, they love our children, they want to help "

( Robison) Commenting of LOI's ministry  and impact in China: " If they never gave us a chance to talk about the love of God, we would still love them and do everything we could to help them. We would still do our best to show them God's love in action"

(Warren Wiersbe) One of the most common problems I encounter with discouraged Christians is that of  a spiritual inferiority complex
( Wiersbe)  I have never made spiritual gifts a test of fellowship. The deity of Christ, Yes! Spiritual gifts are  tools to build with, not toys to play with and not weapons to fight with

( Wiersbe) Four foundational facts about spiritual gifts: (1) they are very important;(2) they are governed by the Word of God;(3) they are varied;(4) they are given for the good of the whole church, not for the magnifying of individuals.

(Wiersbe)  The proper use of spiritual gifts will result in humility, harmony, and growth. Improper use will result in their opposites. We are to discover, develop, and discipline our gifts

(James Dobson)  Commenting on John chapter 11: " The Master was not really late at all. He only appeared to be overdue. He arrived at the precise moment necessary to fulfill the purposes of God, just as He always does. It is extremely important to recognize that He is never actually late. His time table is simply different from ours and it is usaully slower . As long as I know that He loves me and that He never makes a mistake, why should I not be content to rest in His protection? God's economy of time and energy is  different  from ours. Obviously there is  no " tyranny of the urgent"  in God's scheme of things. He acts according to His own ordered schedule

( James Dobson) Mozart died penniless  at thirty-five, being unable to attract any interest in his compositions. His most valuable possession at the time of his death was a violin worth about two dollars. He was buried in an unmarked pauper's grave, and no one attended his funeral. Who was it that said that life was fair?

It has been said that the only thing in life that is fair   is Snow White's complexion

It has also been said that the only truly committed men in America are those in asylums and prisons

(James Dobson)  Commenting on the deaths of Jim Elliott , Oswald  Chambers, Peter Marshall, and Dietrich Bonhoffer : " Why would God invest such extraordinary ability in those whose lives would be abbreviated by death?
I simply do not know . What conclusions can we draw from these seeming contradictions, except to " let God be God? ".  He does not explain Himself  to man. We can say with confidence that while His purposes and plans are very different from ours, He is infinitely just and His timing is always perfect. He  intervenes at just the right moment for our ultimate good. Until we hear from Him, then, we would be wise not to get in a lather. For reasons that are impossible to  explain, we human beings are incredibly precious to God. One of the most breathtaking concepts in all of Scripture is the revelation that God knows each of us personally and that we are in His mind both day and night-there is simply no way to comprehend the full implications of this love. Why would He care about us-about our needs, our welfare, our fears? His concern for us mere mortals is ultimately inexplicable to us"


(James Robison in 2002) relating America's decline to the parable of the prodigal son: " As a nation I believe we are somewhere on the road between the father's estate and the pigpen" Rhetorical question: If he was right in 2002, where is America now?

(Robison) Freedom's only hope for the future lies in our ability to recognize the dangerous drift of our culture toward relativism and selfishness, and then our willingness to turn from the error of our ways and acknowledge and adhere to the absolutes. Unless we re-engage with these timeless, rock-solid principles, our future is dim

(A. Rogers) No one  goes to Hell unloved, unreproved, or unwarned

(Rogers) Everytime God says, Thou shalt not" He is simply saying," Don't hurt yourself"

(Thomas Sowell,political columnist) Are public opinion polls the way to determine the truth?If so, we can outsource our thinking to Gallup and Zogby

(Original source unknown )  Salvation is not something you achieve, it is something you receive;it is  not your merit but His  mercy ; not your doing but His dying;  your trying but your trusting; not your conduct but His cross; not your attainment but His atonement;  not your goodness but His grace

(Charles Stanley) If you don't try to lead your children to Christ, others will try to lead them to trust in someone else or something else

(Stanley) While faith is a deeply, personal affair, God never meant it to be a solitary affair. We usually love speaking about what gives us joy. God is our joy so He should also be our tongue

(James Robison) We must make the government  our servant or we will become its slave

(Robison) The absolutes speak for themselves. The truth is self-evident and irrefutable. Heb 12:27 says when things are shaken that can be shaken, that which cannot be shaken will remain

(Peter Lorimar) Train your tongue to offer solace, your heart sympathy, and your hand mercy

(Soren Kierkegaard) Mercy has converted more souls than zeal and eloquence
or learning or all three together

(Pierre August Renoir) Nothing costs so little, goes so far, or accomplishes so much as a single act of mercy


(James Robison) Some people will not even allow themselves to be seen with a person who is perceived to be part of another group--even with those whose beliefs are the same. Instead, they separate themselves based on petty disagreements over the interpretation of certain passages of Scripture, or they dismiss one another on the basis of whatever label will most effectively discredit the other party. God help us

(Spurgeon) God's plan has always been, and always be,  that we must bear the cross, then wear the crown

(Charles Stanley)  Can you imagine what would happen to the church if more believers took God at His Word and appropriated the power of the Holy Spirit?

(Stanley) When Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness, it was spirit-to Spirit combat

(Stanley) Christ always knows when to show us compassion and when we need correction or rebuke. He always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want

(Stanley) Perhaps Peter's most compelling characteristic was his willingness  to be taught and to be changed

(A. Rogers) It is totally foolish to talk about loving Jesus without loving what Jesus loves--the church If you are not connected to the body of our Lord on earth, you are not right with Him. A church is a sheep shed

(Rogers) In his commentary on the church in Mt. 16: " The saving confession of the church, the sovereign construction of the church, the spiritual composition of the church, and the  supreme commission of the church "

(Rogers) We are the custodians of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a blessing and what a responsibility!

(Our Daily Bread) In light of eternity, what one believes is far more important than what one achieves

(James Robison) The ultimate characteristic of the early church that seems to have been forgotten  is that everyone in the church had  nothing that possessed them. Our contemporary society and ,sadly, much of the contemporary church,
has succombed to the siren song of materialism and individualism

(Robison) The Holy Spirit is not something to be contained but Someone who overwhelms and overflows us

(Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book " The Tipping Point")  Small changes can produce big results; changes at the margin can have a big effect; the efforts of a few, key individuals can tip widespread changes

(James Robison) We must stop infighting over doctrinal differences and start  "outfighting"  our common enemy-the forces of evil. We must move beyond the past-- and into the future with bright hopes and new dreams

(Robison) Repentance is the fulcrum upon which cultural transformation hinges
Pride, stubbornness, and self-centeredness are like a dam that keeps the river of life from flowing through us. Repentance is a decision of the will that opens the flood gates and release the transforming power of God. Like trees planted along a river, the outgrowth of repentance is life-fruitfulness

(Robison) The pathway to a better future will not be established by enacting the right bills, electing the right politicians, initiating the right reforms,or restoring the right priorities. Genuine cultural solutions can only emerge when people are willing to commit themselves to upholding the absolutes and are willing to turn away from everything that stands in the way. It will only be accomplished by a work of repentance and redemption in individual hearts and minds--accepting a redemptive mind-set

Friday, July 1, 2011


Despite its membership in the bird family, an ostrich can't fly-but it can outrun a horse

(Richard Halverston)  Jesus does not want you to become a Christian; He wants you to become a new creation. There is a vast difference between the two

(James Robison) Some of the meanest people on the planet are not only members of church organizations, they are  often leaders within their churches and denominations! Some assassinate  one another with their words, misrepresentations, accusations-even using the Bible as a weapon of unholy warfare. Far too often in the history of the church, Christian leaders and "defenders of the faith" have used the Bible to destroy the reputation of others. Instead of demonstrating unity in the spirit for the entire family of God to emulate, some leaders refuse to interact with one another. It sometimes seems that they are more interested in building their own little empires than in building up the body of Christ. As a result, the Christian community suffers and fails to grow into full maturity.


(Ray Stedman) Nothing can replace a child who leaves this world too soon-- the memories, the joys, and the sorrows remain for a lifetime in the heart of a bereaved parent. But Job knew his Redeemer and he knew that his children, though snatched from this life, would survive death and corruption and would see God and their father Job once more

(Stedman) The only answer that we are given to the question of human suffering is that all we endure takes place against a backdrop of Satan's demonic challenge to God's righteous government of creation. The answer is given to us, the reader; it was never given to Job while he lived on this earth

(Stedman) God never let go of Job, and Job never let go of God. The relationship emerged stronger than ever because of the suffering Job endured. It was a relationship that produced change and growth in Job

(Stedman)  The lesson of the book of Job is that testing purifies us and reveals the gold of God's character within us. Romans 8:28 could be the triumphant song of Job

(A Rogers) Job discovered that a relationship is more important than a reason for pain. When we don't have the reason, we have just God. Job was submerged in suffering. But he learned of the sovereignty of God, of the sympathy of God, and of the sufficiency of God. He learned that God is enough

(Sim Kay Tee ) Scientists have been able to identify nineteen million species. These figures alone attest to the genius and crweativity of God