Tuesday, October 4, 2011


(Roper)  The hope of going Home keeps me going. I can hardly wait to get there

(Roper)   In general, as we age, there is a vast disparity between the sight that confronts us in the mirror each morning and the young person that resides within

An 80 year old gardener, when asked his age, replied, " I am an octogeranium "

A little girl described her grandfather as a  " grumppa "

(Roper) The most important thing is to cultivate a cheerful spirit, never allowing pessimism to gain the upper hand. Hold onto your sense of humor with both hands- the older you grow, the more you will  need it. It is losing the thrill and zest of life that makes a person old. They don't lose the thrill because they are old.They ae old because they lose the thrill

( G K Chesterton ) Joy is the gigantic  secret of the Christian- the dominant theme of the Christian faith

( Roper)  Regardless of the roots of my behavior, I am morally responsible for the wrong that I do

(Roper) God does not despair of us even when we despair of ourselves

(Roper)  God can take the most difficult and damaged life and gradually turn it into good. He does  not leave us in ruins

(Roper)  For most of us, in our spiritual lives, we don't make quantum leaps, only tentative steps mingled with many hard falls. It has been a gradual thing, better seen in retrospect than in prospect

(Hollie Miller)  God's will is  more important than your will
                         Your heart is more important than your appearance
                         The Holy Spirit is more powerful than human resources
                          Waiting on God is always better than rushing ahead

( Ravi Z )  Without God, how do you tell right from wrong, what is the purpose of your esistence, and where is your hope?

( Augustine) You have made us for Yourself and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You

( Hollie Miller)  Using  I Sam 18-19 as text for message: If my relationship with God is not right, my relationship with others cannot be right due to walls  we buld, walls of jealousy, anger, deception, and instability

( Hollie Miller) Sometimes people get so upset they don't know whether to cuss or wind their watches

( Hollie Miller) God calls us to prove our faith, guard our mind, and take our stand

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