Monday, October 3, 2011


(William Law)  If you have not chosen God, it will make no difference in the end what you have chosen for you will have missed the purpose for which you were formed and you will have forsaken the only thing that satisfies

(Roper) Isn't it good to know that it isn't too late to begin again, to put God back into your life?

(Roper) Compassion is rare in this world; few seem to know how to respond to other's pain

(Roper) Suffering  is the means by which we grow more compassionate and merciful toward others who are in distress

(Roper) It is always wrong to repay evil for evil. It is always wrong to take pleasure in another person's pain, even when that person has wronged you deeply

(Roper) We can never stop growing toward God. Holiness is a dynamic thing, a matter of motion. There is no static balance in the spiritual life. We are either moving toward God or away from Him

(Roper) We must never  let up, for our adversary does not. We must pursue God and His righteousness with hearty energy to the end of our days

( Wiersbe) Marriages don't cause problems,they reveal them

( Roper) Pain and sorrow  become the means by which God frees us from our preoccupation with earthly things and turns our hearts to unseen, eternal realities

( Roper) One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to talk less and listen more. We can do more with our ears than with our mouth

(Roper) Each morning when you awake, meditate on the thought that " I may go to God today or He may come to me "

( Roper) Without prayer, I will accomplish absolutely nothing

( Roper) No one can see God, but they can see me

(Roper) Your " neighbor" is the next needy person you meet

( Roper) I am nothing. He is everything. To Him be the glory ( not me )

(Roper) Faith is unrestricted, unreserved, and unconditional certainty

( Roper) Our faith pleases God more than anything else we can do

( Churchhill) There is nothing quite as exhillerating as being shot at without results

( Roper) Life is too uncertain and too fragile to treat it carelessly

( Roper)  From time to time it is wise to ask  " At my death, will I have  left anything behind of significance? " " Will there be any enduring evidence that I have been here? "

( George Whitefield) We are immortal until our work on earth is done

( Roper)  When we have done all God had in mind for us to do, then, and only then, will He take us Home

( St. Benedict) While there is still time we must listen and  do what will profit us for eternity

The low esteem support group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use  the back door

(Roper) We must learn to see ourselves as God sees us and know that He highly values us. You are of infinite worth in God's eyes. Imagine! The Creator of the universe thinks you are someone very special

( Roper) We are loved by Infinite Love

( Roper) If we listen to our heart and pay attention, it will murmur its discontent with this world and its desire for a better place. We are mostly homesick, yearning for our Father and our eternal Home Everything else leaves a void. Now that I am getting closer to the end of my journey, I'm thinking more like a transient

( John Bunyan) Once we've caught sight of the Celestial City, we can never be content with anything less

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