Monday, October 3, 2011


(Swindoll) 80 % of the pastors in America minister in churches  with attendance of less than 200

Empathy has been defined as your pain in my heart

(Frederick Bruchner) Only  a life given away is worth living

(Roper) The greatest thing in all the world is love. It is our best gift to God and to others. Perhaps you and I can do nothing more  than to love a soul, but that is enough

(Jonathan Edwards) All that are truly godly  have a tender spirit in them

( Hannah More) A small unkindness is a great offense

(Roper) Gentleness is strength under control

(Roper) Calm,unruffled silence is often the most elegant response to another's unkind words

(Roper) The root of a gentle spirit is humility

(Roper) If I would be gentle and meek with those who disappoint me, I must know that I am as flawed and weak as they are

( Pastor Sam Polson) To  not want something is more valuable than possessing it

(Polson) A rich man is poor when his wealth increases his worries

( Stanley) Brokenness is God's requirement for maximum usefulness

(Roper) Materialism is a limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities. For many, enough is never enough

(Augustine) One who has God has everything and one who has everything but God has nothing

(Roper)  The greatest thing  is to know that God loves us. The second greatest is to know that we need nothing more.

(Roper) The life we live is not our's, but His

(Roper) There is awesome power in silence

(Roper) Jesus always has the last word

(Roper) My behavior, when caught off guard, is the best evidence of the sort of person I am

( G K Chesterton) The angels fly because they take themselves lightly

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)  Every person I meet is in some way my superior in that I can learn from them

(Roper) We must not let our defeats defeat us

(Roper) We find ourselves by giving ourselves away

(Roper) Those who have had the greatest impact on us are not the brightest and the best, but those who have given themselves in love, self-surrender, and sacrifice

( Ugo Bassi) He who suffers most has the most to give

(Roper) We were put here on earth to know God and for no other reason.  If we do not know Him, no matter what else we have done our lives, we  have been a failure

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